Taiko Drumming

Nothing like beating on a giant drum while mostly naked to show how manly you are!

. . . no, seriously. I don't think there's anything manlier than this.


  1. Things I have learned from the Stash, volume 447,578,345:

    Everything I have heard about Asian men (and specifically Japanese men) is completely and utterly wrong. (0:20. Look at the size of his drumsticks. All three of them.)

    Also, taiko drumming is the manliest activity to ever have been invented. I simultaneously feel aroused and woefully inadequate as a male.

  2. Taiko drumming is indeed the manliest thing to exist, like, ever.

    FYI: 男祭 literally means man festival. God, I love Japan.

  3. Seriously....Look at that ARSSSSE! XD I feel like I wanna go there and lick...lick...lick :P