Kochikame: Body Search

A new challenger appears! This man is Volvo Saigo. He's a former mercenary from America, which obviously means he's gun-crazy and carries about a hundred loaded weapons on him at all times like all Americans do.

Wait, but he really does.

Saigo has a bad habit of drawing weapons at the slightest sign of danger and firing them like a lunatic. So, in the interest of public safety, Ryotsu & co. do what they do best!

Strip him down to just his holsters and a pair of briefs.

And then just kinda ogle him for a bit.

Saigo isn't too happy about that, but what did he expect?

"If you didn't want to be stripped half-nekkid, you should've applied for a different anime!"

Just then, Ohara rounds the corner.

Saigo senses, tingling!

Wow, I guess it was a good thing they stripped him (of his weapons!) after all.

Oh, that Saigo!

EDIT: Tomatoma put up a couple choice edits of these caps in his blog HERE. If I were you, I'd check it out!

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  1. You know, I know Volvo's supposed to be a parody of the American firearms fetish, but sadly I think I've heard of guys even more willing to whip out their di-er, guns.

    On a lighter note: Your assessment vis-a-vis Ryo-san's reaction to Saigo's disapproval was comedy freaking gold.