So I started watching Peacemaker (a historical fiction samurai show) last night, and this guy rather quickly caught my eye.

No . . . not the red-haired kid. The other one.

And not the other red-haired kid, either.

No, we're talking this guy!

For the usual reasons. *sigh*

His name is Sanosuke Harada. In real life he was a samurai who lived in the late Edo period and was the tenth unit captain of the Shinsengumi. In the anime he's, um, still all that!

He reminded of another Sano right off the bat, what with his great love for food. I guess any samurai named Sanosuke is automatically hot?

And good thing too. He's pretty much the only breath of testosterone in the sea of bishies and jailbait that comprise the rest of the cast. (he's the one in fundoshi at the back ♥)

It was nice when he undressed right at his introduction in episode 2.

He bears a scar on his stomach from a failed attempt at seppuku. This gave him a reputation for immortality among his fellow warriors.

But in case you forgot you were watching a GOOFY ANIME.

Ha ha ha ha!



[SCANLATION] First-Class Daddy (Takeshi Matsu)

Just realized it's been over a month and I never posted this here. Dx


Jayne Cobb

You all know Jayne, surely. He's from Firefly, that fantastic space/western/Whedon show that had the best first season ever before getting CRUELLY AXED DOWN. DAMN YOU, FOX. Not that we're bitter, or anything.

But let's talk about Jayne! He's played by Adam Baldwin. And in the actor's own words, he summarizes Jayne as, "Sex. Muscles. Humor. Thuggery. Jayne."

So you can all see why I like him, since I just loooove crude, brutish men.

He's a mercenary who wouldn't hesitate to sell his own momma out for a nickel. Except he'd never do that, because he loves his mom. He might sell out the rest of the crew though!

This is his gun, Vera. Vera is his most prized possession. Jayne loves Vera.

And I love his hairy chest.

This is Simon, the doctor. We're all pretty sure Jayne has a crush on him but doesn't want to admit it. So instead he bullies the guy around, just like we all did in elementary school. Awww.

And this is Mal, the ship's captain. Jayne is always copping an attitude to him, but when push comes to shove he always does what Mal says. Or, in the words of Television Without Pity, "Jayne's a total butch bottom. He likes to pretend that he's dominant, but behind closed doors he wants to be ordered around."

Here's some shots of him strapping a gun to his sexy, sexy abdomen.

The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne