Japan's criminal element, they're kinda like the mafia!
The thing to remember about them is that they are bad dudes.
Often identified by their scary tattoos. In fact, tattoos are pretty rare in Japan because getting one associates you with this group.

Often highly stylized and intricate!

These guys are feared by other men.
Often for good reason! Being accepted into the yakuza means you're willing to be as ruthless as they come, not to mention what you have to do to be a boss in the organization..
So much so that they are often forbidden from entering public sentos, because they are clean, family-friendly places!

Well, mostly.

Speaking of bosses, here are what they look like when wearing, y'know, clothes.

Better pay them respect.
Because those tats are always ready to come out!

Some yakuza images.

Sometimes they can be a little intimidating to approach, beacuse of their reputation.

But just try to keep in mind.

Underneath all that scary posturing'.

They're still guys, right?

With guys' urges. u_u

Still a bit scary though.



Mass Effect

 So it seems the Normandy is a hotbed of gay alien sex.

Alien butts. Alien dicks. That's all this post is gonna have!

I've been told that Turians are really hard to draw.

But I guess Krogans are pretty hard, too. These games have complicated designs!
Mmm, paddle that meaty butt.

Oh Wrex and Grunt, why are you not romance options?

 And while we're on the subject, why can't we romance Garrus as a dude? :0

Alien sex.
"But doesn't have the game have hunky humans as well, Commander?" you may be asking?
Well, you've got a few options there as well, if you're into that sort of thing. Freak.

 Just ignore Kaiden. Ew.
This stud is more along my lines.

James Vega is adorable and gets along great with kids.
And his model is a sight to behold.
Very nice.
 Of course, following Bioware's logic of never giving the gay option gay people actually want, he is also unromanceable. x0
 We may only lust from a distance. :x

Maybe someday you'll get it right, BIOWARE. 

This post has been mostly whining about romance options.

Mass Effect