Mass Effect

 So it seems the Normandy is a hotbed of gay alien sex.

Alien butts. Alien dicks. That's all this post is gonna have!

I've been told that Turians are really hard to draw.

But I guess Krogans are pretty hard, too. These games have complicated designs!
Mmm, paddle that meaty butt.

Oh Wrex and Grunt, why are you not romance options?

 And while we're on the subject, why can't we romance Garrus as a dude? :0

Alien sex.
"But doesn't have the game have hunky humans as well, Commander?" you may be asking?
Well, you've got a few options there as well, if you're into that sort of thing. Freak.

 Just ignore Kaiden. Ew.
This stud is more along my lines.

James Vega is adorable and gets along great with kids.
And his model is a sight to behold.
Very nice.
 Of course, following Bioware's logic of never giving the gay option gay people actually want, he is also unromanceable. x0
 We may only lust from a distance. :x

Maybe someday you'll get it right, BIOWARE. 

This post has been mostly whining about romance options.

Mass Effect


  1. The cargo hold of the normandy is basically a gay bar.
    There's also lots of double-entendre about the cargo hold being "in the rear" etcera.

  2. I was shocked that Vega WASN'T a gay romance option! Nearly everything he says for the first half of the game sounds like a double entendre. The first stage of his loyalty quest involves sparring with him in the hold. You eventually find him in the lounge playing poker with Kaiden and he makes a strip poker reference.

    Personally, I think Kaiden is cuter, but he kisses like your grandmother. Still better than sex with Jack in the second game. That was ... unpleasant.

  3. Does sex with Legion count as a gang-bang?

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  5. Sure i'm gay but Personally i wouldn;t want to be able to romance Vega i just don;t find him attractive. I don;t think i would romance any of the guys in the third one. But in ME2 i sooooo wanted to romance Thane

  6. Thank you so much for posting Vega art. <3

  7. capt_america@hotmail.co.uk love ut stuff, would love to see more alien stripping humans and forced sex on humans that wouold be awsome.

  8. Where did you get that comic page? What comic is that from?

  9. there needs to more dicks

  10. death to gays the crime aganst god diediediedie

    1. Well, God does not even ever exist.