One last glimpse of Onizuka

There is nothing I could possibly add to this.

Some Butts

Skaters will do almost anything on a dare.

Wet 'n wild.


Ever wake up from a night binging and not know where you were? . . . Or where your pants were?

I believe that's all that needs to be said.


Good Coaching

Ippo and Coach Kamogawa also have a good relationship. The old man is always offering advice, training Ippo's body hard, and giving him strategies. Sometimes though, his methods can be . . . peculiar.

Nice underwear, Ippo.

Ippo and Takamura

So lately I've been working my way through Hajime no Ippo . . . Yeah, I've been posting screenshots from the show for weeks, but have never actually seen them in context. My bad. Anyway, I'm up to episode 26 now(where the second opening starts, which is far inferior to the first).

One thing that's struck me so far has been the relationship between the rookie Ippo and the champion Takamura. They are, for all intents and purposes, my OTP (though I'm told that may change whenever Sendo shows up).

Something about the veteran helping the new guy out . . . showing him the ropes (hah, boxer joke) . . . it speaks to me. ;p

Here's Takamura bandaging up Ippo's fists after he bloodied them up a bit. At the start of the series Takamura acts unusually kind to Ippo, rescuing him from bullies and then seeing his potential before anyone else. He took Ippo under his wing and was even going to personally train him--until the head coach snatched Ippo up for himself.

That doesn't stop Takamura from copping a feel though . . . all in the name of assessing Ippo's muscles.

And of course, we all remember that shower contest thay had, right? Takamura has a bit of a fixation with Ippo's dick afterwards. Even going so far as to publically yell out that Ippo will win because he's "bigger" than the other guy during his first official match.

Ippo isn't against topping the big lug himself occasionally either . . . check out Takamura's face when the younger guy straddles him in his own apartment. ;p

At one point, Takamura becomes so jealous that some women are paying attention to Ippo (whether jealous of Ippo or the women is up to you ;3) that he yanks down Ippo's pants to show them just how "uncute" Ippo's giant genials are.

And you just know there's something going on when Ippos asks if he can touch Takamura's feet.

During training camp, their bed mats are unusually . . . close . . . to each other.
That's it, Ippo. Slide your hand just a little further . . .

When the guys are fooling around with fireworks, Takamura is reminded of something by the size and shape of one in particular.


Teacher Student Relationship - English

Author: Takeshi Matsu
Translation: Fushicho
Adapter: Me
Beta/Corrector: Glastonbury

Download Here


Shirt Rippin' Match

Because there's nothing manlier than flexing your muscles so hard that your clothes go flying off. From Laputa: Castle in the Sky . . .


The Maxx

The Maxx, a homeless superhero. Star of his own comic and cartoon (back when MTV was still cool)
A little (a lot) stupid. But his heart's in the right place.
He spends a lot of time in the Outback, a sort of prehistoric Jungian Australia.
Have I mentioned his fabulous ass yet?


Justice League of America's locker-room

My favorite part is the differently shaped chest hair patches.

I wish I knew what show this was from

Edit: The scene is from Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsuj. (wow) Thanks Enorm!