Anime Screencap Week: Gun Frontier

Day 5! Our new theme is shows with the word "gun" in the title.

Gun Frontier is a show by Leiji Matsumoto. He's famous for space operas like Captain Harlock, Space Battleship Yamato, and (one of my top favorite animes ever) Galaxy Express 999. But Gun Frontier is . . . actually completely different from all those shows.

Unlike being a Western masquerading as a Pirate Adventure masquerading as Science Fiction, Gun Frontier is . . . just a Western. It's also insanely sexist, to the point where I got uncomfortable numerous times watching. Uhh . . . great(???!)

But one cool thing about it is that it stars, not Harlock, but his side-kick Tochiro as the main character. The little guy gets to shine!

In this he's a kick-ass samurai, which means he can . . . strip bad guys naked with his sword.

Let him demonstrate.


Can't have a Western without running the bad guys out of town . . .

Gun Frontier.


Anime Screencap Week: Gunparade Orchestra

Is it already day 4 of Anime Screencap Week? My, how the time flies!

Today we'll be looking at Ryouma of Gunparade Orchestra. He's the guy in the back of the class . . . lifting weights?

Yes, it seems that Ryouma is often in the background of shots, flexing and showing off his impressive body.

That's what muscle guys in anime do, right?

The show doesn't take it's time showing us more of him. It starts right in the first episode!

Oh, that Ryouma.

He brings some much needed testosterone to the series. As well as . . .

Other things.

Bathhouses are another great place to show off your muscles.


He flexes up a storm.

As assorted background men look on . . . admiringly?

But even there, there's still something missing.

In order to best show off himself . . .

Shouldn't he do it without any covering at all?

Everyone agrees.

Gunparade Orchestra.


Anime Screencap Week: New Getter Robo

Continuing our theme from yesterday of hot men piloting giant robots, we continue on to New Getter Robo. It's a remake of, you guessed it, Getter Robo!

The three main pilots are featured above. Although all are attractive in their own minor ways, here at the 'Stash we'll be looking at the one on the right. His name is Benkei Musashibo, and he is a warrior monk!

And like all proper warrior monks, the first real introduction we get of him (in episode 3!) is . . .

Training under a waterfall.

Note the look of intense concentration.

Or maybe his face just kind of always looks like that.

He's the kind of guy who punches rocks that piss him off.

Also roars at bears.

Later, once he meets up with Ryoma and finds himself inside Getter-3 . . .

His first (accidental?) communique shows his, uh. It shows his best side.

Bet you don't see THAT every day on your viewscreen, Ryoma!

A manly, winking asshole, covered by only the thinnest of fundoshi strips.

Good going, Benkei.

But Ryoma disregards that to focus on the task at hand. All business!

I mean, it's not like . . .

. . . he's showing anything else or anything, right?