Patlabor (3 of 3)

When last we left our heroes, one of their number had just been taken down by their strongest foe yet, a scandalized yakuza man who refused to have his armpits examined!

The only option left to them is a full frontal assault!

Ohta, of course, leads the attack.

But is quickly beaten back by a wash basin. This guy is as tough as he looks!





Ohta quickly gets the upper hand against the tattoo'd gangster.

That is, until Mr Scars recovers from his earlier manhandling.

Cocks his invisible rifle . . .

. . . and joins the fight against him!

The other Division 2 guys are just watching the action, until Ohta's yells spur them into assisting.

Followed by an out-for-revenge Mr Long Hair . . .

Who unfortunately slips on that same wash basin and goes sliding madly towards the group.

Knocks them all up in the air like bowling pins . . .

And causes a titanic splash!

When the water clears . . .

Six dudes are butt-nekkid.

That's right, the towels are off! In a case reminiscent of that one Urusei Yatsura episode, they've got only black censor circles to cover their manhoods with.

So a bare-ass brawl ensues! Ohta dispatches his opponent manfully while Hiromi and Asuma hold back Mr Yakuza and Mr Long Hair respectively.

Ohta doesn't let a little thing like an exposed ding-dong stop him from kicking ass.

He next decks Mr Long Hair!
Which has the added benefit of also connecting with Asuma.

Another clunk to the head and both fall under the bathwater.

Just as Mr Scars rejoins the fray yet again . . .

Asuma and Mr Long Hair get trampled on a bit as they're held underwater.

When they come up, Asuma gnaws down on Hiromi's leg by mistake, while Mr Long Hair helps to double team Ohta from behind!

A second later there's a domino effect as Hiromi kicks out, knocking all those wet naked bodies into each other.

Next we get some obligatory peeking onto the female side of the baths. In Mr Long Hair's defense, it was purely accidental!

But Ohta will have none of that. This episode will occupy itself with only men. Only men!

As payback, he squats his ass down on Mr Long Hair's back and pummels him for a bit.

Balls bouncing and rubbing around as the blows connect . . .

And then--
He stretches that fucker like a rubber band.

The next shot was just so relevant to my interests that I ended up capping about every frame. Please, enjoy my obsessive compulsive fixation with Ohta's body.
I really couldn't resist the backwards butt-slide.
Or his l33t flipping skills.

Not to mention his mad crazy pitching!
(but mostly it was his cute butt)
Asuma is rescued once again by his teammate!


Interestingly, Ohta's aim with wash basins is much better than with a gun.


What do you do if an aggressive naked man comes at you like this?

Fight? Flee?

Or just stare.

As he lands on you with the full force of his ass.

Public baths are normally quite relaxing, you know.

When the fighting eventually dies down . . .

They've finally got Mr Yakuza right where they want him.

Poor Ohta's looking a little worse for wear.

But regardless makes ready to deliver the final blow, just as Mr Yakuza is giving one last act of defiant resistance . . .

But it turns out they're all too tired to even do that much.

And instead slump down into an exhausted man-pile.

Or maybe Mr Yakuza decides to cut his losses and take it like a man? After all, from his point of view these guys are all pervo freaks who accosted him out of nowhere and there's imminent gang-raping to ensue.

Whatever his reasons, that's when Captain Goto finally helps out. Where was he all this time?

A real man's pit, this. The hairy nipple is a nice touch!

A small application of shaving cream and . . .

one razor later we're left with . . .

A nice, smooth . . . un-moled armpit.

Shock is expressed by all! Mr Yakuza was the last potential suspect there!

And that's because . . .

The real terrorist wasn't in the male baths.

D'oh! Guess they should have been engaging in the usual public bath "let's peek on the female side" hijinks after all!

Realizing their mistake, the men of Division 2 quickly rush out to catch her . . .

Followed by the angry men they'd needlessly been, yes, manhandling . . .

And, but for Goto, not a stitch of clothing between the lot of them!

The terrorist and policemen both are rather surprised by this.

And so, a happy ending was had by all! (or me)