Tanis Half-Elven

These books were fuckin' awesome when I was twelve, but I didn't expect to see this on pixiv of all places. :0


  1. YOU LIE!

    I am hyperactively AMAZED!!!

    What was the name of the really emo brother? Raistlin or whatever?

    He bugged the hell out of me, but his brother the fighter guy...hotness.

  2. Mannn, Raistlin is and forever will be my favorite character! That scene-stealing bitch!!!!

    You're right that Caramon was definitely the hot one though. Mmmm, those muscles.

  3. Oh god >_> I love this series >_>.... when I sw this I thought there would be a bunch of pics =[ ... Caramon was muscly but imagine pairing: CaramonXSturm That Knight needed to be properly >_>.... KNIGHTED if you know what I mean

  4. Heh, yeah, I can imagine Caramon "knighting" Sturm. ;] The pairing I used to imagine most though was probably FlintxCaramon, because the grumpy dwarf always seemed the most likely to throw the big guy over his knee for a good spanking. ROFL

  5. Heya!
    Stumbled across this blog a couple of days back, it's awesome. And Just want to say, I am glad sombody appreciates the hotness of Caramon and Tanis. I've literally just finished reading the Dragonlance series. Have to say Tas and Raistlin were by far my favourites. But As you said Mr soup Goblin Sir, in the Time of the twins when Caramon is fighting in the arena naked? yum?

  6. aww i miss this series haven't read the books in years