Manly Guys Doing Manly Things is basically the most bara webcomic there will ever be.


WWF - Worship Wrestling Federation

Papa Taro from the PS2 strategy RPG Eternal Poison, a game which is far too Atlus for me to ever get very far in.

But with the big muscles, greased up body, wrestling trunks, cross scar, nice detailed bulge, and blond chest hair(!!!) Papa here is everything I could want in beefy fanservice.



It's tradition in many parts around here to, after partaking of the Thanksgiving feast, to turn on the television to catch "the Game".

It's tradition.

So let's have a football post!

To play football, first you have to have a great ass.

PRETTY sure that's a requirement.

You also have to be willing to be touched and fondled by other men.

Like this.

Aw c'mere, gimme a hug.

It's a team sport . . .

Well, there you have it.

Now you, too, know all about football.

Happy Turkey Day!