Tights 'n Spandex

Superhero Sunday! We'll draw from the DC side of the pond today.



Wrestling Wednesday

For today's Wrestle Wednesday we take a look at some artistic renderings.

What's better than a burly jock in a tight singlet?

No, seriously, I'm asking you. I honestly don't know.

Let's wrestle!


Perfect Man

The guy on the right.

. . . yeah. ♥ ♥ ♥


Dead Rising

Dead Rising is a game series about killing zombies using a variety of unique (and bizarre) weapons.

Kinda hardcore!

And naturally, you get to control cute & hunky dudes Franks West (right) and Chuck Greene (left) as you do so!

One of the cool things about the games are how, in addition to the extremely wide & versatile array of weaponry, you also get a wide variety of outfits to wear.

From the classic heart-patterned boxer shorts . . .

To the more recent "mankini" . . .

There really is something for everyone.

Once in a while you get fanart of (living) human on human action.

Or solo pics.

But since this is a zombie game, you also get some nice "zombies as a multitude of hungry moaning rapists" works.

It just goes with the territory!

But don't worry. Our heroes can fight back against the hordes.

. . . with the double-sided dildo pole weapon!

Dead Rising.