Bondage Balls (fiction)

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Going into serious withdrawal from all the NOT-POSTING going on around here, so decided to do something a bit different today. A prose story, on MY image blog? It's more likely than you think!

Every so often I dabble in fanfiction. Usually they're quick and sweet spanking stories, just to get them out of my system. But--just because I like messing with people, THIS TIME I tried to pick the weirdest story I'd done. So you guys get a Pokemon/Final Fantasy crossover (yeah . . . ) back when I was on a serious bondage kick . . . and also into leather, I guess?

For those curious (before the story even begins) Raen (pronounced 'reign') is the name I almost always use for the main character when playing console RPGs. It's a habit! So that means that the trainer in this fic is kind of an expy of myself . . . If I were a lot more evil.

Uhh, enjoy!

- - - - -

It was the greatest scientific breakthrough the worlds of pokemon had ever seen.

No longer were trainers limited to capturing only pokemon. A new pokeball joined the ranks of great balls, safari balls, moon balls, timer balls, net balls, dusk balls and numerous others. This new type of pokeball, called the "Bondage Ball" had the unique ability to capture not only standard pokemon, but any life form it encountered--even other humans. It quickly rocketed it's place of origin, a little-known gym known as the "Leather Gym" to super-stardom as trainers far and wide searched it out in pursuit of the elusive new item, and to defeat it's gym leader for the coveted "Domination Badge".

But once the new bondage balls began to be mass-produced, their world was never the same.

Human trafficking became a common occurrence, as anyone could now be captured and easily transported in the small containers. Not only that, but once caught, the bondage balls coerced it's victims into subserviance to whomever held it. No one, no matter how powerful they were or how much influence they held, was safe from becoming another helpless slave of the burgeoning movement of trainers who held domination badges.

As the fellow humans of their world began to be treated the same as their pokemon "friends", the trainers soon began looking to other worlds further afield. Although there were no pokemon there to be caught and fill out entries in their pokedexes with, many felt it was now their divine right to go out and capture as many new toys as possible . . .

* * * * *

Raen re-checked the coordinates on his GPS before folding the map and depositing it back in his pack. Yep, this was definitely the right cave. Despite the size of the opening in front of him the entrance was worn smooth, as if worn away by lava trails that still habitually descended the side of the active volcano. The old man in the nearby village had told him there was a demon in this cave that had once been worshiped as a god by a tribe of summoners, but that time was long gone and now all he did was throw occasional bouts of destruction upon the land. Well, Raen would be happy to take care of that problem for the villagers . . . as long as this "demon" met his high standards.

He stepped inside the cave and started making his way down the dank passage. It soon grew too dark to see clearly however, so Raen was forced to take out one of his pokeballs. "Charizard! Go!" he shouted, and a large red dragon emerged from the ball with a fiery tail. Unlike typical pokemon who wore nothing, this one was outfitted with a tight leather harness since it came from Raen's favorite type of pokeball. The young trainer continued making his way through the cave, now aided by the light emitted from the charizard's tail.

After nearly an hour, Raen was starting to get tired from picking his way over rocks and banging his head on stalactites. He was sweating and also starting to feel hungry. "This 'Ifrit' had better be worth it!" he seethed.

Another hour after that however, things started to look up. The temperature had gradually grown warmer as they'd traveled down until it was practically tropical, and they soon entered a chamber built around a massive magma lake.

"Wow! Would ya look at that!" Raen called out. In his excitement, his voice was louder than he'd have wished and it rang out over the bubbling magma clearly. It apparently disturbed something that lived there, as next thing Raen knew he was looking at a mini-fire tornado emerging from the center of the lava.

"Who dares disturb my slumber!" the tornado spoke, before finally coalescing into the form of a powerfully-built fire demon. It had brown skin and sharp, dangerous looking fangs. Two large curved horns protruded from his forehead, behind which fell a mane of fiery red hair, which matched the fire literally burning in his eyes. The beast hovered before him, dressed only in a tattered loin-cloth.

"Oh DAMN!" Raen cursed--not in frustration, but in admiration. "The old man down there said you reigned over fire, but not how HOT you are! Look at that body!"

The muscular fire demon folded it's arms across his bare chest--marred only by a large tuft of red hair between his pecs--and glared down at the young man. "Have you come simply to gawk then, mortal?" His eyes narrowed and began to smolder.

"Heh, oh, no. Well, not JUST gawk. You could say that I'm planning on . . . adding you to my collection," Raen smirked as his hand slipped into his backpack, withdrawing a round sphere about the size of a baseball. It was decorated with depictions of stylized chains and barbed wire. "Bondage ball, gooo!"

"What folly is this?" Ifrit asked as the mortal threw what appeared to be a round sportsball at him. It was too light to be a threat and was not even thrown hard enough to cause injury. The demon sneered and allowed the thing to bounce harmlessly off his chest, and then fall to get consumed by the lava.

Except . . . it didn't fall into the lava. No, instead it opened in mid-air and . . . dozens of ropes, chains, and leather straps burst out of it! Far too many than could possibly be contained in such a small space. As Ifrit gaped at the sight, they quickly encircled him before he could think to dodge away.

"Argh! What is this device!?" he roared as they suddenly tightened around his body, trapping his powerful arms against his sides and squeezing his muscular legs together.

"Heheh, keep up with the times old man, haven't you heard? This is one of those new 'bondage balls' all the kids are playing with these days," Raen quipped.

Ifrit gave a snarl as he felt one particularly bold chain snag his loin-cloth and rip it from his person. In only a scant handful of heartbeats he'd gone from a powerful devil about to mete out righteous punishment on a trespasser to a naked, bound creature nearly unable to move. But there was no way in hell he'd allow himself to be trapped like this! Roaring in fury, he summoned a blistering aura of flame to wash over him. It successfully burned the ropes and straps away, as well as outright melting the chains binding him.

"Holy shit! Not bad," Raen said in amazement as the bondage ball shot back to his hand, hot to the touch but no worse for wear. "Almost nothing can escape one of these things once it hits them. You really are something else!" Although his initial attempt hadn't worked, Raen's excited expression didn't show any disappointment. "That's it, I'm *definitely* making you part of my collection!"

"Hmph! You think such a weak attack could actually succeed in capturing me? Do not underestimate my power!" Ifrit threatened.

"Well . . . I wouldn't say it *completely* failed," Raen noted.

"What . . . ?" Ifrit frowned, before following Raen's line of sight down to himself. There was one strip of bondage material he'd apparently missed. A metal cock-ring was wrapped snugly around his demonhood, squeezing the base of his shaft and forcing his proud length to jut upwards--leaking pre-cum and mightily aroused. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??!?!"

"Hahahaha! Don't worry, Iffy," Raen cackled. "That's just a taste of what's to come. Next time I'm gonna capture the *whole package*. We just gotta weaken you up a little bit first. How about we fight some fire with fire? Charizard, go!"

With a roar, the leather-bound dragon shot up from the ground and into the air. It flapped his powerful wings towards the demon, blasting a huge fireball as it went.

It struck Ifrit head-on, exploding on impact. The damage was minimal however--fire was Ifrit's element, after all--and the demon counter-attacked with a blast of his own. The two went back and forth for some time, exchanging flames, until at last the Charizard was unable to take anymore and fainted from the excessive force. He'd been resistant to fire attacks as well, but Ifrit had proven to be the stronger.

The demon touched foot on the ground at the edge of the lake and paced forward in a rage. "Now that your pet monster is defeated I shall enjoy rending you limb from limb!" he raged.

"Not so fast! That was only one of six!" Raen declared, withdrawing Charizard back into his container. He tossed out another one of his pokeballs. "Blastoise, I choose you!"

This time a huge blue turtle emerged, with two huge water cannons jutting from the sides of his shell. "Blastoise!" it voiced firmly. Like Charizard before him, this one was also dressed in leather bondage gear. In addition, there was one extra 'cannon' jutting from it's groin that rivalled even Ifrit's in sheer size and girth.

"Hmph! You think just because this one is water elemental that it has a chance against me?" Ifrit snarled, his own erection remaining unflagging in it's uncomfortably tight, unwanted ring.

"That's EXACTLY what I think. Blastoise, use your Hydro Canon!"

Planting it's feet firmly upon the ground, Blastoise blasted a jet of water with enough force to punch through steel. Ifrit gave a cry of agony as he was struck by the frigid liquid, but stood his ground with his arms up to block, much of the water turning to steam when it got close to him.

Raen watched anxiously as the fight commenced. Even though he was taking full advantage of Ifrit's elemental weakness now, the demon was still one tough cookie. He just wouldn't go down! Wave after wave of water washed over him and still he fought on.

Finally, Raen's jaw dropped as it was *Blastoise* who dropped from the strain of battle. Ifrit snarled triumphantly as he stood over the defeated pokemon, boner twitching even larger in victory.

But he was also panting hard, tired, and his body showed signs of abuse from those water attacks. He was obviously weakened . . . Maybe weakened enough to be captured?

"Bondage ball, now!" Raen immediately shouted, and threw it out again. This time the exhausted Ifrit was unable, rather than unwilling, to dodge the small object. It struck him with unerring accuracy, and once more he was besieged by straps, ropes, and chains.

"Arrgh! Noo!" he roared in fury as they wrapped tightly around him. He was hoisted into the air where he was efficiently rendered helpless. The ankles of his cloven feet were tied, and his wrists were tightly bound behind his back. Leather straps looped over his whole body and tightened in seconds, attaching to the ring around his cock and ensuring his boner was there to stay. Heavy chains, these one fire-resistant, bound his arms and wrapped around his chest as he twisted and squirmed helplessly against the various bindings. He struggled as hard as he could to escape, but was too exhausted now from the two fights he'd been in. Those damn monsters had drained him more than he'd anticipated . . . and consequently now these bindings were proving too much for his strength. "Graaahrr!" Lastly, a ball-gag (pokeball shaped, naturally) jammed into his mouth to halt those annoying roars of defiance. "MMPH!? GGRRRMMPH!"

After that the bindings started to pull him forward, dragging his nude, raging body towards the ball which still hovered in mid-air. Towards the ball . . . No, not towards it! *Into* it . . . ! Eyes widening, Ifrit had time only for one last muffled grunt before he was changed into an energy state and zapped inside the thing, which then closed neatly with an audible click.

The ball returned to Raen and the trainer held it holding his breath. It was rumbling from trying to contain the sizeable power of Ifrit inside itself. The sphere jerked in his hand once, twice . . . then the light on the ball blinked green and Raen breathed a sigh of relief. With a smirk he put the ball into his pack with all the others. Capture, successful!

* * * * *

Inside the bondage ball . . .

Ifrit continued to rage for some time against his enforced captivity, struggling against the chains and ropes still binding him. But no matter how much he flexed his muscles or writhed in fury, the chains did not slacken. Indeed, it only ever seemed as if they grew tighter around his powerful body. Moreover, it looked like his fire powers didn't function inside the pokeball so that way out was closed to him as well. He could see nothing around him since the ball's interior was only darkness, and the only things he could feel was the ropes and chains digging into his hide.

Ifrit was not used to being in a state of such powerlessness, and for long minutes he raged as much at that feeling than at anything else. But at length he did cease his struggles, lest the chains grow so tight he'd be unable to breathe. For the moment it looked like there was no escape from this ceaseless bondage.

No mortal had ever taken such advantage of him before. Yes, as a summoned beast Ifrit was often called upon to assist mortals against their enemies, but that was part of a contract between him and the summoner and he was granted certain privileges in return. Here, there was no such equal power exchange. He was completely captured and placed into a ball no larger than--well, than one of his *own* balls! Which, consequently, were still pulsing as his boner refused to go down since it'd first been wrapped . . .

That humiliating thought made him start to writhe again, to break free of the indestructible bonds he found himself in and return to freedom! But it was no good . . . As he struggled Ifrit began grunting into his gag from the effort. "MMPH! MMMPH!"

From off in the distance, he suddenly heard a neighboring grunt, muffled and faint but definitely there. " . . . mmph . . . mmph . . . " It was no echo, but another prisoner like himself! Were there others in here with him, similarly captured? Caught in their own balls like he was, wrapped in tight chains and possessing worked-up arousals? Dammit, Ifrit had to get out of there!!!

* * * * *

He got his wish hours later, as his chains stirred and a bright light suddenly blinded him. Ifrit looked around to find himself on the mountainside of his former volcanic home. That pokemon trainer must have hiked all the way back out of the caverns, carrying him in his pocket the whole way. . . . The same trainer who was casually leaning against a tree now, smirking at him.

With a roar, Ifrit immediately leaped to his feet and lunged at the perverse young mortal, lashing down with one clawed hand to end his life.

. . . or at least that's what he would have liked to do. Instead, Ifrit found himself jerking back, as if on an invisible leash. He fell back on his rump with a grunt.

"Tut tut tut, now that wasn't a very nice thing to try on your new master, was it?" Raen asked, wagging a finger back and forth.

"Master? You're no master of mine!" Ifrit snarled.

"Heh, oh yes I am. You just haven't realized it yet," Raen answered with a chuckle. He flourished a small piece of metal. "As long as I hold this Domination Badge, anyone who gets caught by one of my bondage balls is completely enslaved to me--whether they like it or not." The young man walked up to him confidently, and Ifrit gathered himself to spring . . . However, his legs refused to obey him. Dammit, what was wrong with him?!

"You can only perform as directed, and naturally, a slave is forbidden from harming his master in any way," Raen answered for him, reaching down to give Ifrit's thick cock a nice squeeze.

The demon moaned at that feeling, painfully aware that his boner still hadn't gone down in all this time. "I--I'm telling you . . . I'm no slave!" he insisted, unwillingly thrusting into that caressing hand. Damn it, but that actually felt really good . . .

"Oh, how come you're dressed as one then?" Raen asked with a leer.

"What . . . ?" Ifrit looked down at himself and gasped. He hadn't noticed before now, but he was clothed much like the pokemon he'd fought earlier. The straps which had bound him inside the pokeball appeared to have reformed themselves into a leather body harness. They were all connected by a large ring in the center of his chest and ran tightly around his body. Even though Ifrit normally went around half-naked anyway, for some reason the bondage gear only seemed to accentuate his muscular body and make him feel even more vulnerable. The metal cock ring was now a part of his gear as well. "What the hell is this!!"

"My own personal design," Raen answered, grinning at Ifrit's reaction. The tough ones were always so cute once they found themselves under your power. He shut the demon up by making him moan some more as his cock was worked and stroked to an even harder state, an impressive feat indeed. Then he left the demon gasping as he released the member to slap up against his abs and paced around his captive to more fully admire him. "OOh, nice ass!" he said once he got to Ifrit's backside. The harness had the look of a leather jockstrap around the demon's toned rear, leaving both dimpled cheeks nicely exposed. He gave those brawny buns a couple open-palmed slaps just because he could, enjoying how firm they felt. "I didn't get a good look at it before."

"Argh! Stop that!" Ifrit shouted, trying to shy away Raen's hand but unable to do *that* either. He glowered darkly from the humiliation, but was otherwise unable to move or attack this human who dared handle him in such a way. He was starting to understand just how deeply he was under this brat's power . . . and didn't like it at all.

And on top of everything he really wished he could jerk off and finish the job this trainer had started.

"Why should I? I *own* you now, and can do whatever I wish with my property," Raen replied matter-of-factly, standing on his tip-toes so he could reach up and tweak Ifrit's large red nipples. The fire-demon groaned loudly at that, now with arousal mixing into his growl of defiance. A large drop of pre-cum spurted from the head of his cock. "And you've got to obey any orders I give now, as well. Even if . . . hmm . . . " Raen stroked his hairless chin in thought as he tried to think of something good. He snapped his finger once he got it, and took out a pokeball.

"Even if I tell you . . . to sit on Charizard here's DICK!" The form of the dragon snapped into sight as he was summoned forth, huge erection standing straight up. Much like Charizard's tail, a small sliver of flame burned on the tip of his member, coming from the slit.

"What?! N--No!" Ifrit said in alarm. He closed his eyes and tried to focus on escaping, on summoning his fire powers, on doing anything he could to break free from his plight.

"Heh, I told you it was useless, didn't I? Now . . . get to it!" And Raen pointed at Charizard's massive member. On shuddering legs, Ifrit found himself walking towards the creature. He growled in displeasure at his own actions, before turning around to present his backside. "No . . . no . . . " he hissed out, squatting down and aligning his hole . "nnnnnNOOOO!" he shouted as he descended all at once, completely impaling himself on the scaly rod. "ArrRRGH!

"Hahaha YES!" Raen whooped as he saw Ifrit take it all. He wished there was someone else around who he could high-five with, but settled for digging into his pants and playing with himself instead. "Now bounce on it!" he ordered.

Teeth gritting, Ifrit had no choice but to do so. He began to ride the dragon's cock, lifting himself up slightly only to fall back, feeling his inner rings get stretched and violated from the thick object. From behind he could feel the Charizard's claws spreading his cheeks to get in deeper, though otherwise it lay back and let him do all the work. "Char, Charizard," it moaned.

"Yeah, just like that," Raen panted lustily, bringing out his own erection and stroking it as he watched.

"Aahhhnnn . . . !" The powerful fire-elemental moaned as he bounced up and down, feeling unbearably humiliated but at the same indescribably aroused. His traitorous cock was ready to blow any second! He moaned and shuddered as the pleasure point deep in his anus was nailed, making him see spots.

"You know what the best part of the domination badge's power is?" Raen asked conversationally as he drank in the sight of his newest toy screwing itself senseless.

"W--what?" Ifrit asked despite himself.

"That it doesn't really enslave the caught target at all. All it does is strengthen feelings of submission that are already present. Which means . . . " Raen grinned as he jerked himself faster. "Part of you WANTS to be like this--stripped naked, gettin' ordered around, tied up in kinky ways, and fucking yourself on a dragon's cock!"

"WHAT?!" Ifrit roared. His mind spun even as he worked his rump along the thick scaly pole. No! No part of himself could possibly wish for this fate. It must be the evil magic of his bondage, forcing him to enjoy such treatment. He would never naturally enjoy being debased like this! Ifrit vowed to himself that that was the truth, even as he edged closer and closer to orgasm. The trainer was lying to him to suit his own needs. I--It wasn't . . . true . . .

Ifrit's cock pulsed and shot a huge load of demonic semen which splashed all along the grass in front of him, as well as some across his chest. From behind, he could hear the Charizard give an appreciative moan at the spectacle, and then felt a wash of fiery cum fill his asshole as it too orgasmed. As both giver and taker sagged down from the rush, Raen finished the combo by shooting a load himself--right onto Ifrit. The demon grimaced but couldn't do anything to stop the sticky substance from landing all over him.

"Hah . . . hah . . . NICE! It was definitely worth all the effort it took to capture you!" Raen said gleefully, tucking himself back in and wiping the sweat from his forehead.

"Now . . . that you've had your fun . . . " Ifrit said slowly, panting and humiliated, " . . . Will you let me go?"

"Hmm, let me think about that . . . NO!" Raen snapped. "If I do that, how can I show you off later to all my buddies? They're gonna cream themselves when they see you for the first time."

"Show . . . me off!?!?"

"That's right. Now enough talking outta you. Back in your ball!" Raen held out his bondage ball and Ifrit cursed as he was again drawn inside.

The ball returned to Raen and he casually slung his pack over his shoulder . . . His pack which contained dozens of other, identical bondage balls. Each one contained a strong, muscular specimen of a different species, each a prisoner who--just like Ifrit--had proclaimed themselves impossible to enslave but who had all turned into Raen's puppets before long.

As he walked back to the main road, and to his next conquest, Raen pressed a button on Ifrit's sphere which allowed him to see what was transpiring inside. Half the fun of these things were the private movies. After several hours of walking, Raen set up camp with the assistance of a few pokemon. Smirking, he pressed one of the 'special' buttons on Ifrit's ball before turning in for the night.

* * * * *

Ifrit had returned to his former state of bound, gagged, and helpless, twisting in space as the bonds dug into his muscled flesh and squeezed him all over. The only thing that was new was the added humiliation of a sore rump with charizard semen leaking from his abused asshole.

Time passed. Ifrit struggled mightily at first, but as the long hours crept by, he soon had no choice but to halt in exhaustion and allow himself to rest in his rope and leather wrappings.

Which meant . . . his inactive mind had nothing left to do with itself but think. Could what the trainer had said be true? Could a part of him actually *want* this? . . . No! Ifrit again dismissed such thoughts. Such an idea was impossible. He'd just have to try harder to escape next time.

Through it all, even after the rush of that explosive orgasm, his cock remained rock-hard, sticking from his groin like a mast-head. It's pleasurable feelings mocked his position.

It was a cruel irony indeed that inside this pokeball Ifrit was able to struggle, though it did him no good--while outside it he was free from his bondage, but could do nothing except what that perverted trainer commanded. Ifrit wasn't sure which was worse, but try as he might he still couldn't figure a way out of either state.

Once the demon had quieted his squirms, he could hear the muffled sounds of the others like him again. Many appeared to be still struggling like he had, grunting mightily from their efforts. Though there were many other sounds he couldn't quite place . . . The walls of his pokeball were thick, and anything he did hear was too muffled to properly identify. It was impossible to speak as well, even if he hadn't been gagged. All he could do was sympathize with his fellow captive's plight, and they with his, as they all suffered together . . .

The feeling of the nipple clamps suddenly attaching themselves to him came as a complete surprise. It felt as though an electric shock passed through him, and then he was writhing in his bondage as he felt his nubs begin to harden under the pressure. "MMMMPH!" he roared, straining against the bonds.

The big vibrating rubber dildo, likewise, came as somewhat of a shock when it shot up his rear.

And the worst part was that as he struggled and flexed and groaned, the cock-ring around his shaft tightened up and didn't allow him to cum from the sensations.

It would be a long night in the bondage ball.


Almost There . . .

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Capcom Swag

So at the recent Tokyo Game Show there was yet another build of Street Fighter x Tekken on display. Lucky goons who got to test out the game got a complimentary towel from the booth babes. On the outside of the package it looked like:

Cool, huh? A nifty gift for the fans! Oh, but it gets even better. Because once removed from it's packaging and unrolled it looks like:

THIS. Yes, an official Ryu and Kazuya butt shot.

I've wanted one of either for years, but leave it to Capcom to do both at once. I guess they really do know what the fans want!


Still Moving!

Yep . . . still at it!

My computer isn't set up yet so I'm sneaking onto the other one (shhhh!) Just a little post to remind you that I'm not dead!

(random screencap from Gintama episode 31)



Those video games with all the whips and leather!

Everyone already knows what Castlevania is, right? You play as a whip-wielding member of the Belmont clan, whose mission is to destroy the evil Count Dracula who rises every 100 years blah blah blah. Heavy stuff!

This here is Simon Belmont, who starred in the first couple games (first in order of release, not first in the series' incredibly complicated timeline)

Dressed in only boots and a few scattered pieces of armor, he's got kinda a Conan the Barbarian thing going for him, which I think really brings out his eyes. As well as his, WELL, his beefiness.

Too bad there's only a few other masculine physiques on display through the rest of the series. But we've got Grant Danasty at least.

He was a recruitable character in Castlevania III.

And Richter had some nice beefy arms in his younger Rondo of Blood days.

(is Harmony of Despair coming out on PSN soon? I want to play as Richter)

However, starting with Symphony of the Night, the character designs all became . . . well . . . QUITE BEAUTIFUL, REALLY.

And you know what? I DON'T EVEN MIND. Because I love everything about SotN. And Ayami Kojima's art is so good I don't care if I have to sacrifice a bit of beef to get it.

It is just one of those true 10/10 games, seriously. Even the terrible voice acting just somehow makes it better. "Die monster, you don't belong in this world!"

"You steal men's souls and make them your slaves!"

Like . . . so?

ANYWAY, it's not all bad, friends. We still get a bit of muscle every so often.

At least Julius Belmont from Aria of Sorrow/Dawn of Sorrow has facial hair.

And Hammer from the same games is the closest we've got to straight-up bara in the portable games.

Bald former army man . . . hot.

I had my hopes up for about three seconds when Konami announced a fighting game. But when it came out, Simon looked like . . .

. . . Uhhhh . . . not himself?

Well, at least he's got mad abs? It can be hot if you're into Death Note?

Trevor fared a bit better. He's got a badass eyepatch now.

Oh well, can't win 'em all! That about does it for the bara characters from these games, I think. Well, other than . . .

Dracula himself!!!!!!(?)

Prepare to get whipped, Count!



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