Those video games with all the whips and leather!

Everyone already knows what Castlevania is, right? You play as a whip-wielding member of the Belmont clan, whose mission is to destroy the evil Count Dracula who rises every 100 years blah blah blah. Heavy stuff!

This here is Simon Belmont, who starred in the first couple games (first in order of release, not first in the series' incredibly complicated timeline)

Dressed in only boots and a few scattered pieces of armor, he's got kinda a Conan the Barbarian thing going for him, which I think really brings out his eyes. As well as his, WELL, his beefiness.

Too bad there's only a few other masculine physiques on display through the rest of the series. But we've got Grant Danasty at least.

He was a recruitable character in Castlevania III.

And Richter had some nice beefy arms in his younger Rondo of Blood days.

(is Harmony of Despair coming out on PSN soon? I want to play as Richter)

However, starting with Symphony of the Night, the character designs all became . . . well . . . QUITE BEAUTIFUL, REALLY.

And you know what? I DON'T EVEN MIND. Because I love everything about SotN. And Ayami Kojima's art is so good I don't care if I have to sacrifice a bit of beef to get it.

It is just one of those true 10/10 games, seriously. Even the terrible voice acting just somehow makes it better. "Die monster, you don't belong in this world!"

"You steal men's souls and make them your slaves!"

Like . . . so?

ANYWAY, it's not all bad, friends. We still get a bit of muscle every so often.

At least Julius Belmont from Aria of Sorrow/Dawn of Sorrow has facial hair.

And Hammer from the same games is the closest we've got to straight-up bara in the portable games.

Bald former army man . . . hot.

I had my hopes up for about three seconds when Konami announced a fighting game. But when it came out, Simon looked like . . .

. . . Uhhhh . . . not himself?

Well, at least he's got mad abs? It can be hot if you're into Death Note?

Trevor fared a bit better. He's got a badass eyepatch now.

Oh well, can't win 'em all! That about does it for the bara characters from these games, I think. Well, other than . . .

Dracula himself!!!!!!(?)

Prepare to get whipped, Count!



  1. Ayami Kojima's biseinen art style is delicious, and deliciously close to bara. Hell, I about like it as much as most bara, just because it's so.... BADASS.

  2. I'd rather KOF. Interesting suggestion though.
    BTW, Just found your blog. Looks nice (point intended) congratulations.

  3. I LOOOOVE Castlevania.

    But in reality I love it the most for the monsters. Especially in the portable games where the monsters seem to have their own little stories sometimes.

    I remember in AOS when you kill on the Succubi type ladies she cries out "So Lonely..." and I did a double take...like...I don't know it struck me as really different.

    Anywho I love that monster encyclopedia.

    And SOTN is A-mazing.

  4. Hi, it's my first post in here and I have to tell you that I just love your blog. Great stuff. But I like the posts about games specially. And I was surprised when I saw a post about Castlevania. Love the game. <3
    Keep up with the great.

    Best wishes, from a brazilian fan. =)

  5. *Keep up with thre great work.

  6. Another brazilian? Niice! I´m from Brazil too, just don´t have google account to identify myself...And thoug i never played Castlevania, i felt in love with the armour designs...really sexy!