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Metal Gear Solid ^3

A return to Snake!

And the perverts who love him.

Poor Snake, the guy never does seem to get a break.

I guess that's just what happens when you have a deliciously juicy bubble-ass like he does, all wrapped so snugly in the tightest spandex imaginable.

But still, he tries to keep his spirits up.

It can get pretty lonely on those long wilderness missions . . .

Maybe he welcomes the company?

Hmm, maybe not!

Well, at least keep one thing in mind during these interminable and humiliating orgies.

At least he gets fucked less than Chris Redfield.


Revisitation: Metal Gear Solid

Because we can't get enough of our rugged infiltrator,

his delicious bubble ass,

or his . . . tactical espionage unit.

Well, let's get to it!


Solid Snake

Anyone who's even a casual gamer knows who Solid Snake is, right? Well, for those who don't, suffice to say that he's a badass, the main character of the Metal Gear series, and likes to hide in boxes.
He also has a pair of gloriously tight, toned butt-cheeks that he flaunts every game he's in.
Pretty swell, right? On to the fanart!

Even old snake~

Even Otacon and random guards can admire Snake's fine, fine ass.
Speaking of guards, what happens when Snake gets caught by soldiers? (er, or the other way around . . . )

First they probably tie him up.
Maybe he even gets off on it. Snake, for an espionage agent, enjoying your capture is not a good career decision!
Oh well.

Then they have their filthy way with him.

But anonymous soldiers aren't the only ones boning our manly hero! Since he was a surprise addition to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Snake's character was opened up to all sorts of perverted, crossover possibilities.

Like a tentacle rape from Bulbasaur!

Fire Emblem's Ike!

Star Fox's . . . Fox!


Yoshi, with the help of Captain Falcon! (thanks again Enornymous)

Even characters not from Smash, like Dante from Devil May Cry!

And then the OC's . . .
Kupopo's satyr dude . . .

Hotcha's Drake . . .
What a slut.