Now interrupting your regularly scheduled Hunter x Hunter screenshots for a holiday post. Trick or treat!

In case you're wondering, he wants you to stuff the treats up his ass.

Like so! Happy Halloween, everybody!


Uvogin (3)

Eventually, Uvogin has the bad luck of getting paralyzed by the enemy.

He's forced to sit helplessly while one of them . . . licks him up and down.

(I love this show)

Well, until he kills them anyway.

The rest of the Phantom Troupe gathers and teases him for a bit. Then they get to discussing how to get the poison out of Uvogin's body.

That is, until suddenly . . .


He's kidnapped before their very eyes!

Next post, Uvogin in bondage!

Uvogin (2)

My unhealthy obsession with buff shirtless anime men continues!

Uvogin has a violent personality, and gets into a LOT of fights.

But although he's extremely strong, he doesn't always dominate the whole battle. For example, here's him after being wrestled and pinned to the ground.

. . . I--I think he kinda likes it.

Winning or losing, Uvogin still looks hot from every angle. (those hairy arms *__*)

More fights should be held in loin-cloths.

Spider tattoo, marking him as a member of the Phantom Troupe.

But here's my favorite angle of him. Because, c'mon, there's few things hotter than a big man with his face forced into the dirt, getting his muscle-ass raped.

Bara Spotlight: Uvogin (1)

The physically strongest of the Phantom Troupe . . .

He's super tough. Guns and other weapons are meaningless in a fight with this guy.

Even a bazooka blast, capable of taking out a tank . . .

Barely scratches him (thanks to his mastery of reinforcement nen).

Though his fur vest doesn't seem to share that protection. x3


The Body Walking

Say hello to Uvogin, from Hunter x Hunter. Also known as YOUR NEW BARA GOD.

Get back to me when you're done worshiping his big hairy body, alright?

Power Rangers


Embarrassing Boners!

That's right, kids! It's time for another round of . . . embarrassing boners!

. . . alright, so this is the first post with this theme. But expect it to be a weekly feature from now on. ;]


Classic Art

Wrestlers and their Trainers

They enjoy a special relationship, don't they?

Reminder Not To Make Bets While You're Drunk

You never know what you'll have to do!

Life Drawing

An unexpected development occurs with the class's model. ;3

Aquatic Life

Is that a snake in the water? Or something else . . . ?


Rub a Dub Dub


Another of my all-time favorite bara artists! He draws big embarrassed guys so well. x3

Also, I've only just today realized how to upload more than five pictures per post.

. . . I'm slow!