DC villain/anti-hero. Hyper violent mercenary/bounty hunter with absolutely no morals. Fraggin'


So I got Rogue Galaxy for Christmas . . .

And it's fun! Much more fun than I expected a non-Square-Enix RPG I'd never heard of to be. But so far, my main goal has been to reach the point where this buff dog joins your party. :3


A bit more Onizuka

Because when I decide to short-term obsess over a guy, I go all out!

Mmm, those arms.

That chest!

That smile!



Holy crap you guys I got some awesome presents this year.


Animal Hospital - Translated

Another Matsu story adapted, thanks to Fushicho and yours truly. Look for part two tomorrow!


Some More Nekkid Onizuka

From episode 7. Hey, a working teacher's got to find SOME way to keep clean, right? Onizuka hooks a shower up on the school roof.

He gets peeped on again though, this time by a few of his (male) students.
Yep, nothing quite like the sight of your teacher oiling up his privates in front of you.
Thanks to Helena for pointing out both these Onizuka scenes to me!

Two More Days . . .

Onizuka Takin' a Bath

Some people have luxurious bathrooms full of scented candles and vibrating shower nozzles. Not Great Teacher Onizuka. Since he lives on campus, Onizuka has to content himself with bathing in the school water fountain, late at night.

However, on this night, Onizuka has a guest. The vice-principal with a grudge against him, hoping to catch Onizuka in the act of some vile deed. Does dirtying school drinking water and using up all the school's lemon soap on his crotch count?
But Onizuka's in his own little world, and doesn't notice the voyeur.
Then Onizuka runs right by the man, but still doesn't notice him.
That's when the VP decides to sell videos of Onizuka naked to raise a huge profit for the school. (ha ha! Oh, wait, that's just what I would do)


Random Onizuka hotness

From the anime Great Teacher Onizuka. The main character, Eikichi, spends a good amount of screentime without a shirt on (not to mention pants).

Geez, just check out the opening credits if you don't believe me.