By Syunnpei Nakata, one of my favorites. I've been fapping to this story for years, so it was a real treat getting to adapt this and figure out what the hell was going on in it.


  1. LOL The ending was hilarious!
    o_x I wish there was such software.

  2. I love you Croup!

    I hope you don't mind me posting this on my blog, I'll certainly link back to yours!

    And if you ever have any spare translators on your hands I'd love to borrow one! >_<

  3. So much for only doing TK's manga, eh?

  4. @ Blaze: Thanks dude! I wish the software was real too, heh. Maybe someday. :]

    @ Gabe: Sure, go ahead and post it. We wanna spread the bara love as much as we can. And as soon as I get any "spares" I'll let you know. ;p Though it's usually hard enough to just keep one around.

    @ KAFM: I dunno where the idea came from that I'd only do Matsu. For the record I'm interested in scanlating anything I personally find hot, which definitely includes Nakata. ;3

  5. I asked you about some manga that I had always wanted you to see, and you replied with "That's not a Takeshi Matsu" and that TM was all you were doing.

  6. Very hot story and very clever ending too

  7. Waouh! Excellent ! I hope you'll put some other from syunppei nakata soon!!

  8. wow that was great is that a show? or a one-strip thing? but i loved it(except for the fact that Japan must take all they can from us, i mean come that corny censoring?)

  9. @ KAFM: I--I don't need your FACTS!

    No, seriously. Maybe I just didn't find whatever manga you showed me hot. Dunno, don't remember that conversation.

    Everyone else, thanks for your sweet comments. I'm happy that guys are able to enjoy at least one Nakata story in English now.

    @ Starpanda: Nope, the characters aren't part of an anime or anything. Just a cute one-shot story. And the censoring is because of Japanese law, so try not to hold it against them too much. ;]