Bath Time With Goku!

From Dragon Ball Z episode 61. On his way to Namek, Goku takes a bath, rubs himself down with a towel, and then conks out in his underwear. The bathing scene MUST have been censored from the version I watched as a kid, because I'm sure I would have remembered Goku's fine, fine ass.

Thanks to Helena for pointing out this scene!


  1. You know that there are so many versions of this... You've just got to work under cover to find it !!! & it nearly comes true some times !!! With this episode ! Thanx !

  2. goku got a big ass i just love him he is so manly

  3. Heheh, yep. Nice and big and spankable. ;]

  4. Thank you for these images. These hotter than a lot of porn! I love Goku's big, beefy butt. :)

    He's super-spankable!