A Black Tie Affair

Men who wear suits present themselves as more professional than others. Agree?

If you said yes, this post is going to do everything in it's power to dissuade you of that notion.

Because there is nothing professional about sporting a giant boner, my friends. Nothing. u_u



Blog Spotlight: Turquine

Turquine, a blog dedicated to the masculinity of corporal punishment.

It features artwork mostly generated on the computer with programs such as Poser (though the artist has posted work in other mediums as well) . . .

. . . and showcasing the spanking and discipline of male buttocks . . .

 . . . through a wide variety of scenarios . . .

. . . both fantastic and mundane.
Stories often accompany the artwork, and some are even presented as comics.

What is just as interesting, if not moreso, than the artwork is the artist's thoughts regarding corporal punishment between males. This blog is a must for any fan of man-to-man spanking, and deserves far more comments and followers than it's currently receiving. ;]


Kochikame: Hidden Weapons

So in another Kochikame special, the gang finds out Saigo's packing heat once again and they freak out.

They gotta divest him of all that weaponry!

And much like last time, they do so by stripping him to his underclothes.

. . . but this time in a public restaurant.

Eh? But what's this?

A bulge that size! They neglected to check it!

Only one thing to do then . . . *groooope*

You never know what a man might be packing down here.

For all Ryotsu knows, he might have a massive thing ready to blow at a moment's notice.

Cocked and loaded!

(okay I'll stop. xD)

Looks like Saigo checked out.

"Yep! Nothing but a big honkin' dick!"

He's clean. u_u


And *MY* Axe!

There is something undeniably sexy to me about dwarves in fantasy.

Probably due to their association with such manly past times as mining, ale-drinking, beard braiding, axe and hammer wielding, and berserkering.
Not to mention forging, which typically involves physical exertion, lots of sweat, and for some odd reason going shirtless because exposed skin around hot surfaces is always a good idea. But YEAH, I could do a whole post on the sexiness of fantasy blacksmiths. (remind me to do that later) 

 But yeah.

I've always fancied short and stocky guys.

 And there should be more porn of them. u_u