And *MY* Axe!

There is something undeniably sexy to me about dwarves in fantasy.

Probably due to their association with such manly past times as mining, ale-drinking, beard braiding, axe and hammer wielding, and berserkering.
Not to mention forging, which typically involves physical exertion, lots of sweat, and for some odd reason going shirtless because exposed skin around hot surfaces is always a good idea. But YEAH, I could do a whole post on the sexiness of fantasy blacksmiths. (remind me to do that later) 

 But yeah.

I've always fancied short and stocky guys.

 And there should be more porn of them. u_u


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  1. hmmm, I do like short and stocky guys, but dwarves don't attract me ...unless they would shave their beard. I don't like beards (unless I'v got high bottom "needs" ahahaha ! :p )