Fundoshi Friday

It's that time again, pals!

So you better get ready for . . .

Fundoshi Friday!



Metal Gear Solid ^3

A return to Snake!

And the perverts who love him.

Poor Snake, the guy never does seem to get a break.

I guess that's just what happens when you have a deliciously juicy bubble-ass like he does, all wrapped so snugly in the tightest spandex imaginable.

But still, he tries to keep his spirits up.

It can get pretty lonely on those long wilderness missions . . .

Maybe he welcomes the company?

Hmm, maybe not!

Well, at least keep one thing in mind during these interminable and humiliating orgies.

At least he gets fucked less than Chris Redfield.


Gurren Lagann

Today I will post Gurren Lagann pictures in (as I see it) ascending order of hotness.

Is that cool with everybody? Good!

(Kittan is my favorite)


What can I say?

He seems like a pretty cool guy.

Everybody thinks so.

Especially Dayakka.

Especially Dayakka.

Not that Kamina isn't pretty GARR himself.

Even robots and tentacles think so!

ANNND back to Kittan.

A four page Kittan comic (in yellow!)

And . . . together?

Gurren Lagann