I used to want a tattoo, but never got around to it.

It's another way of expressing yourself, which is totally cool!

But the core of the problem was choosing an image I was certain I'd want on my body my whole life. What if I got tired of it later on? Being indecisive and fickle can be tough!

How about you guys? Any of you got tats?

Where are they?

Do you like to show them off in public?

Or put them in more . . . private palces?

Let us know what you got!

Your whole body can be a canvas~

I admit though to having a certain fondness for butt tattoos. ;3

But until I make up my mind, maybe better to stick with something less permanent.




  1. full body tats kind hot but scary all at the same time

  2. I always like tatoos on biceps/triceps/arm the sexiest , and dislike tatoos on ass or to the ass.
    The first guy is really cute, no ?

  3. Could you put of a furry friday! this friday is me birthday and i would love that!Please!

  4. *Whistles*
    I like that beautifully intricate dragon tattoo. (Also the asses are delicious as always.)
    I've been mentally debating getting a single skeletal wing in the same style on the left of my back, in an homage to The World Ends With You.

  5. @tomatoma: I think the 2nd guy is the best

  6. I agree, 2nd guy is the best.

  7. I don't really like tattoos. Why ink over something as beautiful as the male body?

  8. ah, yes, tattoos. so sexy. also, major ups for making your first picture include marlboro reds!

  9. Tatoos as well as piercings are major turn-offs for me. In porn I try to just ignore them if the guy is hot enough, but in in real life they're a deal-breaker.