Happy trick or treating, everybody!

When going door to door, make sure you carry a flashlight, glow stick, or have reflective tape on your costume to make yourself more visible to cars.

All children should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

If going out without an adult, always stay with your group!

Obey all local curfews.

Don't eat any of your candies before getting back home, so your parents can examine them and make sure they're safe first!

Following these simple tips can ensure everyone's Halloween is both fun and safe! Enjoy!


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Secret Video Tape 2 (ENGLISH)

The continuation of Secret Video Tape, which was previously posted here! Big beefy guy getting tied-up and gang-raped? I like when Matsu dips his toe into non-con . . .

Download Part 2 here!

Or, if you missed part 1 the first time, get them both in one download!



Damn genetic freaks! Let's get some X-Men action in here, bub!

Cyclops is the team leader.


Cyclops, Gambit and Wolverine.

Hahah, oh Magneto.


Goddammit, I just realized that like 90% of this post is Wolverine.

He's so overexposed in comicdom!

(no, I didn't mean that kind of overexposed)

Oh well, I guess when you're the best there is at what you do . . .

Battling it out with Venom.




Sabretooth and Beast.




Towels are good for drying off with. This is a well known fact.

But did you also know . . .

They're great just for casual wear around the house?

Around friends?

With friends?

In the bathroom?

In the backyard?

At the beach?

Come in a variety of different colors?

Sports celebrities wear them.

They're also great for laying on.

And of course, an easy way to cover up.

Gotta preserve that modesty!

Still, oh, the tantalizing views they offer . . .

Of course, you still gotta be careful.

They're always threatening to slip down.

Or come loose.

Or just get tugged off by something.

Or someone!

Yes, the Hitchhiker's Guide was right. There are many uses for a simple towel!

And conversely, there are no wrong ways. Please, experiment freely!