Kochikame: Story at 11:00

So this one time in episode 213, Ryo-san gets into a sticky situation while preventing a heist!

He's dragged underwater by a crook!

It's up to Ohara to come to the rescue!

Followed by . . . a TV news crew?

Ignore them! This is all about saving his subordinate.

Ohara rapidly disrobes in preparation for diving into the deep.

While the cameraman pursues, capturing every second on film . . .


He dives to find Ryotsu losing more clothes the longer he stays submerged. Also, in need of his timely assistance!

Together, the two men overpower the criminal and prepare to come back up.

Unaware that . . .

Ryotsu's lost something kinda important . . .

. . . and so has Ohara.

The camera love them! Two brave officers, battling for justice in the watery depths.

Handing the crook over to their fellow officers, Ohara and Ryotsu catch their breath on shore.

It's only then . . .

that Ohara realizes he's . . .


A young rookie bashfully offers him a towel. (guess with Ryotsu on the force, they're used to covering up naked dudes)

Good thing that towels never slip or nothin'!

They get interviewed by that same TV crew. D'aww, they're gonna be stars!

Then Ryotsu sneezes and . . . whoops . . . !

His towel falls . . . !

(like you all couldn't see that coming)

Notice how the camera doesn't pull off his naked bod for a millisecond.

Guess which footage is aired later that night.

That's the media for you!


  1. The most shocking thing about this post is that all of the nudity is unintentional.

    ...I think. Somehow, I'm guessing Ryo-san sneezed accidentally on purpose.


    Thats how i like it.

  3. Man why is there no rule 34 on this,

  4. Can you pleaaase post a download link for this episode? :3