Secret Video Tape (ENGLISH)

But I can upload this for now, at least. A short eight page story! Please enjoy~ (and thank Slanted for translating!)


So Yeah

Sorry the blog's been so dead lately. More regular-ish posting will probably resume after the weekend!


FMA: A Comprehensive Look

Why should Darius get all the fun? If there's anything I've learned over the years, it's that FMA is chock-full of hot dudes!

And such a variety, too.

We've got your military men.

Your older men.

Your chubby men. ♥

And OF COURSE, your muscle-men.

Yep, no matter what strikes your fancy, FMA has got a fella for you.

No matter what strikes your fancy.

So let's get to it then, eh?

Major Armstrong~ ♥

That Fuhrer. Always molestin' the protestin'.

Hey, who wants to have their way with Scar?


What's that?

You--you all do?