It should be pronounced "Mar-Duke"

I've really got to stop obsessively rewatching fighting game trailers.


Poison was just announced for Street Fighter x Tekken. Fucking POISON! And Cody (♥♥♥)! And Guy! It's like a Final Fight reunion! SOOOO EFFIN HYPEEEEED.

Which has nothing to do with this post, which is mostly sexy shots of Tekken's King and Marduk, but whatever.

Cute butts~

I like how they're all buddy-teamin' it up now.

Ohhh, Marduk, I kinda despise your personality and you're not really much fun for me to play as, but you're saved by epic hotness.

"That's big," gulps Marduck as he stares up at Hugo's crotch. (watch the trailer, he totally does)



Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be fun as well of course, despite that retardation Alisa being prominently shown in the trailers (god I hate her)

Surprise, Marduk! Armor King is going to rape you from behind in the middle of the ring!
Pay-Per-View, naturally.

Pretty sure you can see his (CG-generated!) package outline in this one. u_u



It's some kind of milestone!

In celebration, let's have a post full of . . . ridiculously big cocks.

We're talking XXX-Large!

Uhh, excuse me.

Excuse me.

I asked for a post with ridiculously large cocks.

These things are nothing more than tiddlywinks!

I need something downright unreasonable here!

The kind of monster that would kill a grown man from lack from bloodflow!

Hmm, getting there . . .

THERE! Now that is what I mean.

Something big.