Valkyrie Profile ^2

Woo! A Valkyrie Profile post! The first game was so good back in the day. Experimental and such great 2-D sprites. I've gotta start the DS addition to the franchise sometime!

Anyway . . . given this post is about Valkyrie Profile, and given my tastes . . . you can rest assured this post is really all about Arngrim.

That cocky merc.

With the beautiful bubble-butt. *_*

Guest-starring Badrach!

Arngrim sure is a tough guy, eh?

Big 'n strong!

Here he is with that guy from the PS2 sequel which I didn't play because the voice acting annoyed me.

Badrach again!

Uh oh! Guess he's not so tough when 5+ cocks get him all at once.

. . . yep, that'll do it.

Badrach also got into some trouble, it looks like!

Oh, you guys.

You'll never get into Valhalla covered in cum like that!

All part of being a mercenary.


  1. This is awesome! So glad to see Arngrim's butt in all its glory. =)

  2. Uh, I'm gonna warn you the DS game is NOT anything like the other games. I personally loved it but a lot of people were turned off about it. It's kinda like the Valkyrie world seen from the eyes of a human. It's also a TRPG so action is much slower.