Another of my old faves. He's from Rival Schools! He was hot-tempered, competitive, and used a fucking bigass bat.
Poor guy though, he's not allowed to join the regular baseball team because he always starts a battle royal during the games. He's also self-conscious about his height (I like short guys though =3). His older brother whom he idolizes is an ace pitcher, so Shoma wants to become a professional baseball player just like him.

Udon put out a RS comic for a while.

Here's some more info that I copy and pasted--er, happened to look up.

FULL NAME : Shoma Sawamura (Shoma means Champion)
D.O.B : October 10th (Health and Sports Day! A national holiday in Japan!)
HEIGHT : 162cm
WEIGHT : 57kg
3 SIZES (B-W-H) : 92-78-80
LIKES : Pro-baseball, baseball video games
DISLIKES : Big and Strong things, basketball, volleyball
GOOD AT : Baseball
SUBJECTS GOOD AT : Physical education
SUBJECTS BAD AT : Music, English
CLUB : Baseball club
PART TIME JOB : No time for that!
HOMELIFE : Shoma lives with his parents, his older brother, Shuichi (3rd year/ senior at Gorin), and his grandfather (on his father's side); Shoma's father sent Shuichi to baseball Sparta training.
And he's got a cute blush.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe these shirtless shots are also from the games.

On to the fanart!
Masanori was the first artist to make me wonder who this character was.


A little sucking action with the physical education teacher.

And fun with Batsu.
Ah, now I see what kind of a "battle royal" he gets into.

Art is a Bang

From that new fighting game that everybody's goin' ca-razy about, Blazblue! I wish I had a PS3 so I could play it. ;_;
Instead I can only drool at the official artwork. The character I like most is, of course, Bang. He's a manly ninja who's not too bright and don't smell too nice and wears a giant NAIL on his back!

Here's a few more shots of his design. I like how it's acceptable for male fighters to wear costumes that bare their hard, six-pack abs now. Also note that you can catch a peek of his red fundoshi showing. :3
A shot of Bang in comparison to some of the more bishie guys.

And some chest shots~

Did somebody call for rope bondage?
Looks like Shoutaroh Kojima is making a Blazblue doujin.


Hetero, in my stash? It's more likely than you think!

Insert "nailed" joke here.

The only guy bigger than Bang is Tagar, so in fanart he's usually the one doing all the molesting and stuffing his massive cock in places where it shouldn't go. :3
I think I'll do a 'Fighting Game' themed week here at the Stash, so check back tomorrow for more martial arts goodness!