And one last post to close the subject on this sinful man.

This long-haired bara with the cross placed so strategically over his groin.

This muscular man of God.

Not to mention well endowed.

. . . It takes strong faith to use a cross THAT way.


  1. Re: Last picture - Goddammit, blasphemy is not supposed to be that fap-worthy. Jesus.

    ...I take it his "heart" is quite open, amirite?

    (And in case you haven't figured it out: Your last three posts have been golden.)

  2. aww man, I wanted to see him rape that fighter guy, whose name escapes me right now <.<

  3. Hey SoupGoblin do you know who these guys are in this link I know one of them is Guile frm Street F. http://danshi.jp/2004/gallery/org/kin_05.html. Thanks

  4. OMG, sorry that is that is not the right pic here is right link - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_NC4r4p9qykc/SdaUXSPL8lI/AAAAAAAACNg/5UWOzkMdk0Y/s1600-h/luxuris+-+trio+capcom.jpg
    - identification of guys needed please Thanx again

  5. @Anon:
    Jin Saotome (from a game, but I dont remember it)
    Zen (from a fighting game and damn, I forgot the title too...) An old playstation 3D fighting game (same era as Tekken 2)
    The thing I could remember from that game is that there is this bird-man character, a girl with 2 chakram as her weapon and Zen's sword can change its length. Oh, and the game have a very stylish and elegant ultimate move ^^!

  6. Thanks Tinman! I only knew Guile myself.

  7. I would like to know the name of this, it looks very funny.