Art is a Bang

From that new fighting game that everybody's goin' ca-razy about, Blazblue! I wish I had a PS3 so I could play it. ;_;
Instead I can only drool at the official artwork. The character I like most is, of course, Bang. He's a manly ninja who's not too bright and don't smell too nice and wears a giant NAIL on his back!

Here's a few more shots of his design. I like how it's acceptable for male fighters to wear costumes that bare their hard, six-pack abs now. Also note that you can catch a peek of his red fundoshi showing. :3
A shot of Bang in comparison to some of the more bishie guys.

And some chest shots~

Did somebody call for rope bondage?
Looks like Shoutaroh Kojima is making a Blazblue doujin.


Hetero, in my stash? It's more likely than you think!

Insert "nailed" joke here.

The only guy bigger than Bang is Tagar, so in fanart he's usually the one doing all the molesting and stuffing his massive cock in places where it shouldn't go. :3
I think I'll do a 'Fighting Game' themed week here at the Stash, so check back tomorrow for more martial arts goodness!


  1. Awesome pics. There are such great guys in fighting games so I'm really looking forward to seeing what you post this week!

  2. Neat!
    I love Bang soo much! His outfit is the best of the whole game xD
    I hope i can finish my Bang porn soon o_o

  3. Wow that fundoshi is really something, no wonder people make smuts of him hwahwa......

  4. you know thats its also out on the 360, right?

  5. Hot Bang pics. Hopefully you can do Goh Hinogami someday

  6. Hope you finish soon too, Devilman!

    Yeah, I know it's on 360. But the chances of my owning that system are, um, let's say they're very small.

  7. Man, that's a hot fella. Looks like he's full of spunk, too~! ...

    When I read the title of this entry, I was afraid that it was gonna be a post dedicated to that blond bit from Naruto, but then realised who owns this awesome blog of awesome. <3