As promised, a post dedicated to One Piece's Smoker! Bara's favorite nicotine addict! Isn't he great, folks?

This fella is an officer in the Marines and he's always chasing Luffy & Crew around. He's named both for the cigars he's constantly inhaling (doesn't he know that men who smoke are ten times more likely to die from lung cancer than non-smokers? Or that smoking causes one in five heart related deaths? :0 ) and for his Devil Fruit powers (which involve, you guessed it, smoke)

You can see the extra cigars he keeps on the outside of his jacket. Never know when he might need them!
But I don't think any of us are here for his jacket, are we?

That's a bit better.

Oh, now he got the jacket back but lost his pants . . .

Hahah! But enough with the sillies. Have some pr0n.
Oh Smoker, caught in your own bonds?

The would-be captor has become the captive!

That's what he gets for smoking with his pants open. : /

What's Asuma doing here?

And FMA's Scar?

Yukitake!! Japan's Kai Suwabara too? (posting this picture never gets old)

Underwear buddies!

Well, since Smoker is big, muscular, and scowls a lot, he must be a total bottom, right?

He gets paired with Ace a lot in fandom, I think?

Zoro too!

Since Zoro is ALSO muscular and scowly, once in a while Smoker gets to top. xD

Hey, I don't make the rules. I just think they're hot and have to live with them!
Sanji is too pretty to handle Smoker's monster cock, so he gets to be the molestor.
And those are the straight facts.


  1. Looks like i'm the last one to know that the stash is back ^^ i've missed your witty comments of the pics

  2. That pic where you mention Solid Snake? That's not him. That's Kai Suwabara from Yakitate!! Japan.

    And yeah, Smoker was easily my first bara love. He's so smokin' hot.

  3. I make it through the whole post without a "smokin' hot" reference and then a commenter bites the bullet!

    Just kiddin' ;P Thanks for the correction, Chaos Angel! Post fixed now. Now I've gotta research who this Kai Suwabara guy is.

  4. Loved this post SO MUCH!

    Finally I've saw a whole set of Zoro's hot pics.

    Beggin' you owner-san, post more Zoro <3

  5. If you click the tag, kind Anonymous, you might find I've already posted plenty of Zoro in another post!

  6. ¡OMG! My draw its here, in SoupGloblin Blog!!! XDDDD
    Ive made it, it was a trade art ^^ (AsumaxSomker)

  7. Wow! Smokerrrr
    I see you have some new pics for me to save :3
    Thanks Croup ^_^v

  8. Oh man, I LOVE this guy from the few clips I've seen with him... X3 Hubba hubba. It pleases me that he wears no shirt. And the sound that he makes when turning to smoke. ... [Slobbers unashamed]

  9. Yay! Sexy Smoker! Just love him!

  10. one of that Zoros I made it! :D I'm so happy!!!