Yakitate Part Three!

So when I first watched the series OP, there was one character that leapt out at me before Suwabara. That was Kawachi! Or, as I knew him at the time, "That hot bald guy in the tank-top with the frowny face."

Isn't he a dream? His head is so shiny . . .

It took me a while to realize that the hot bald guy and the annoying blond guy from the series beginning was actually the same dude. Turns out Kawachi changes hair-styles like five times throughout the show! I know, it's crazy.

During the first arc he goes through a bunch of "training" (like getting hooked up to an EMS machine in his undies) to get buff fast. Clearly, this will make him better at baking bread you guys.

Or something.
Well, it made him better at showing off hot arms at least.

Then there was the time his team stripped him to his briefs and made him be the mold for their bread statue entry.

What a yummy, filling-looking physique!

Until he can't take it anymore and . . .
. . . bursts out all half-naked. Oh, Kawachi! Is there no end to your antics?
Security then proceeds to spank him away.
(that's not really what happens but it's what I CHOOSE to believe based on these caps so there)

Or when he got that verrrry relaxing back massage.
Curse the presence of pants.

But my favorite look for him is the bald and muscular one. :3
Here's a buncha shots of him in his tanktop.

And out of his tanktop.

Have I ever mentioned my tanktop fetish before though?
. . . their manager is also hot. (post about him tomorrow xD;;)
Even other male watchers on youtube were making comments about how ripped he is in this ep.

And in an attempt to put some actual porn back in this blog--while I doubt the resemblance is intentional, these Nakata pics make it quite easy to envision Kawachi being molested.


  1. I love this. I learn who these unknown characters are from various fanarts. Keep it up!

  2. I love you Croup!!!!
    Honestly, Kai and Kawachi are even buffier in the manga (check it out yourself ^^ )

    Cant wait for the Manager ^,^
    Only three left, Afro, Kuroyan and Pierrot (too bad they dont have many nekkid scene :( )

  3. Just showing some support~

    Love what you do man. Keep it up!
    I've started to visit your blog more and more frequently, it's great.

  4. Every post about this show makes it seem more and more awesome. I'm going to have to find some eps to download.

  5. The manga version is funnier,Lagosta. You must read it! ^^ As always,Croup ,you chose excellent pics! :)

  6. Thanks guys! =D

    If you know any good scenes at all Tin, just let me know!

  7. Very nice, :3
    love this anime, it's so funny and has lots of parodies and spoofs of other animes and shows.

    The ones below are Nakata's right?
    I like them, he does look like Kyosuke. :P

    Aw...I miss the dragon ranger series :(

    More power to your blog!
    Keep em coming!

  8. Woah, when does the bishie buff up? And why does he shave his hair anyway?

  9. Woah, when does the bishie buff up? And why does he shave his hair anyway?