Unholy Swimwear

So alright. Slap-Up Party. We already know that this Priest is hot, enjoys the company of his own sex, and prone to hit on poor Fighter. What can the show's producers do to step things up even more around here?

Well, let's check episode 19 and find out.

Putting him in a tight, very small speedo would be a good way to do that . . . yeah.
And then have him spank himself.

And do a lot of posing.

And then force the other male party members into outfits just as fanservicey.

Kukuku, I know ONE way to warm his butt up. RIGHT ALL YOU FELLOW SPANK FANS IN THE AUDIENCE?

Party call? Mo' like BOOTY call, know what I'm sayin'?

Since this show is what it is, a beach fight ensues against some giant monster or something. But afterward . . .

Uh oh! The guys seem to have lost their trunks!

And not just them, either . . .


  1. O.O ... Pure nosebleed time.

  2. Oh, Japan.

    Also must watch this anime like...yesterday.

  3. These are some sexy ass anime. I need to find these on TV or something