Oh no, it's an onslaught of COCKS!

Once every wet season they come down to spread their seed among the populace.

But this time is different.

This time there's far too many of them!

If left unchecked, they'll cover everything we know and love in their sticky juices!

Can nothing be done against them?! Well, maybe just one thing . . .

You've got to service those horny fuckers.

Every last one of 'em!

It's the only way!

Now hurry! There's no time to waste!

Don't be shy, guy!

Get in there!

Show those throbbing meat rods who's boss!

Use every orifice at your disposal.

EVERY orifice!

Suck, pump, squeeze, jerk . . .

Get creative!

Just do whatever it takes to stop them before it's too late!

Don't get overwhelmed!

They may have numbers on their side, but you've got the skills needed to milk them all dry!

This is what you trained for, soldier!

Cock Invasion.


Kochikame: Bomb Threat

It's Kochikame's first movie! Tell me viewers, how do you think the film will bring the audience up to speed on characters they may be unfamiliar with, and summarize the thrust of the show, all within the movie's first ten minutes?

Well, first you could have Ryotsu get tangled up in the wires of a timebomb.

Then have his so-called friends abandon him in a grassy field! (like assholes!)

What to do, what to do?!

Oh, he got it!

Wait, no, that was just your belt, Ryo-san.


Time is running out!

And for some reason his underwear fell too!

. . . oh who am I kidding. This was all a blatant attempt to flash Ryotsu's furry butt at us (again)

Yes, THAT is basically the first thing the feature film does. Makes sense to me!

Because really, that IS Kochikame in a nutshell . . .


Large & In Charge

Some chubbies to be chased!

More to love . . .