Tiger & Bunny

It's the age-old story. A veteran superhero is forced to work together with a genius rookie for the sake of their corporate sponsors. What a chore!

Wait a minute, did you say superheroes . . . ?

That's right! Tiger & Bunny is an anime about western-style superhero hijinks!

Complete with the spandex and everything. Mmmmm, spandex.

So easy to get molested in.

Er, not that that happens often.

ANYWAY. Kotetsu aka. Wild Tiger's superpower is that he can increase his physical abilities hundredfold for a 5 minute interval. Muscle-growth fetishists probably love it!

He's got old-fashioned ideas about justice, and always relies on his instincts! His new partner Barnaby (aka "Bunny") thinks exactly the opposite! It's a situation rife for humor and slash(?)!

To make things worse, everything they do as heroes is filmed for the reality-TV-ish channel "Hero TV".

Those two are cool and all for main characters I guess, but my fave is probably Rock Bison (Antonio Lopez).

It'd seem that resident flaming homosexual Fire Emblem concurs!

At least judging by that party incident during the first episode . . .
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Yes, canon gay ass-groping in this show.

Luckily for me, Kotetsu and Antonio are also buds, so shipping can be had for all!

(they go out drinking a lot, so they can totally have drunken make-outs)

*cough* But let's not delay any further, shall we?.

You all know why we're here.

Getting warmer . . .

Warmer . . .

Almost there . . .

Ooh, that's more like it!

(Kotetsu, you whore!)

What will your corporate sponsors think?!

Same goes for you, Antonio!

Oh, I give up.

At least they don't get into any trouble while saving the day as their superheroic alter-egos.



No wonder they assigned you a partner!

You'll need one to keep that sexy ass of yours out of harm's way!

Anyway, we'll be signing out here then.

Have fun saving the day you guys!

Tiger & Bunny.


  1. >>Sees Tiger & Bunny post
    >>Prays for delicious content I don't already have
    >>Is not disappointed AT ALL

  2. ...dammit, I've been meaning to watch this from the moment that Pixiv got flooded with delicious T&B porn. (And by that, I mean - I think the amount of Tiger & Bunny porn tops the amount of Hetalia porn, and I think Pixiv is like 90% Hetalia yaoi.)

    You've just given me even more of a reason to start watching.

  3. ..y..you've made this fangirl so happy..Tiger is so cute when he's a bottom..

  4. Damnit this guy is pretty hot for a middle aged man and I don't really care about anime guys but here we're now kinda pathetic but he's still fucking hot