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The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal . . . SO GOOD

Liiiike well-written gay romance with actual three-dimensional characters WHAT WHO DOES THIS. (also, Amal is a total beefcake)

I always be checking it for the updates. :0


  1. ...why did I not start reading this shit sooner.

    There was a period when I was reading webcomics compulsively (all the big ones at the time - I even ended up buying the paperback of Megatokyo), and then I drifted away from it. I think this may have gotten me started again.

  2. Yeah, this one is really good. I blew through the whole archive in one day and it left me jonesing for more though, so be careful of that.

    . . . I own all the paperbacks of Megatokyo and still check it every week for updates. xD

  3. I've been reading this series since before the webcomic officially even started lol. It was active in an "alpha" stage for several years beforehand, mostly on y!gal. And now that it's finally started officially (well, it has been for a while now), it's everything I could have ever hoped for and more.

    I never thought to really advertise it in the bara community, though. I didn't know how much, er, overlap there would be lol.

  4. This is some wonderful stuff. I don't care if the drawing is sub-par or a bit messy (no neat lines etc), the story is enough to keep me glued.