The Tartan

Okay guys, it's time.

We're gonna have a kilt post.
Say what you will about Scotsmen.

But do NOT call this thing a skirt.
Someday I wanna see a fight between kilt-clad Scotsmen, fundoshi-clad Japanese taiko drummers, and leather-clad Turkish oil wrestlers just to see who would win~


Full Disclosure

So I've actually gotten a few messages from my last post, which is nice! In the interests of full disclosure however, I feel like I should paint a more complete picture of myself and what I'm looking for. Everyone who comes here just looking for porn . . . ignore this post! We'll get back to you momentarily.

About me: 28 year old nerd who loves anime, video games, sci-fi and fantasy, manga, and comic books. You probably knew that stuff already though, right?

Some stuff you may not know is, I'm currently living in New York in a house with my two brothers (who get along with each other) and my two cats (who do NOT get along with each other). I am the least judgmental person who I, personally, know. I have flat feet. I don't currently have a car, but my full-time retail slave job is within walking distance so it's not a big deal to me. I am also hopeless romantic.

This is what I looked like a year ago:

. . . N--not bad?

What you CAN'T SEE in these pictures: my bad posture, my ridiculously skinny arms, my growing bald spot :0

And this is what I look like more recently:

Do not worry! I am not too attached to the ugly beard. The hat, however, stays.

Most days I'm kinda afraid to leave the house because then the public can SEE me.

Sex stuff! This is where most will lose interest, I'm afraid. You see, despite running a gay porn blog for umpteen years, I'm pretty much asexual when it comes to my own body. Gay sex just sorta . . . bores me most of the time, unless there's something else I can focus on during it. This doesn't mean that I don't crave affection though. Hugging, kissing, cuddling . . . emotional stuff . . . that's pretty much the stuff I'm after here. I'm just not really into the 'normal' sexual aspects of a relationship.

Not that I don't have a sex-drive. Far from it. What I AM into is pretty much the kinkier stuff. Spanking is my biggest fetish. 99% of the time when I jerk off, it's to fantasies of a powerful bara man getting turned over a knee, his pants roughly shoved down, and his bare butt getting slapped and spanked until he's howling for it to stop. That is what my penis likes! Related kinks are stuff like power play, humiliation, and bondage. Any prospective dudes should like that stuff too . . . if only to understand what I'm into. And of course it'd be nice to both be turned on by the same stuff. ^^

So yeah.

What I'm looking for: Someone affectionate and caring, firstly. A spanko. The geekier, the better. A gaymer. I love to show new shows and games to people, and if they can appreciate them (and even show me stuff as well) then that'd be swell! Someone open-minded. Someone out of the closet. Someone who tips their waiters. Someone who doesn't mind putting up with my insecurities (and I have a lot) and who is, above all, sincere and genuine.

In short, a nice gay furry, spanko, geek!

Yeah, there's lots of those just roaming around. -_-

What I'm NOT looking for: Casual hookups (I've got internet RPs for those :P). A Republican (:X). A body-builder (not that that would be BAD, just that I'm not really interested in outward appearance. Just because I like bara doesn't mean my SO has to be bara). Someone who lives really far away (sorry guys! Both my previous relationships have been long-distance, and both refused opportunities to meet up when we could so I'm a bit leery of them now).

And . . . that's that I guess.



Sorry for the lack of posts lately guys. Hahah, I feel lately like I do these 'apology' posts more often than regular ones. To be totally honest, I just haven't been in the mood lately to put one together, even though I have looooads of stuff I could do them on. Like Uvogin from Hunter x Hunter. Mmmm, Uvogin.

Also been a bit preoccupied lately with thoughts concerning me and my romantic prospects. Not to give too much depressing information, but at this rate I'm going to die cold, alone, and untouched. Anyone in the Tri-State area interested in dating a skinny scruffy white guy obsessed with spanking, buff cartoon men, playing video games, and general nerditry? If so, drop me a line!

No, seriously. Drop me a line. My e-mail's on the sidebar.

As for the rest, well, I'll see if I can do a 'real' post soon. Until then.


Call Me



Phones can take pictures these days y'know.