Welcome 2013

Happy new year!

Looking through pixiv today, I got the feeling that 2013 will be the Year of the Snake.

Yep, just a feeling.

Oh dear.

Happy new year everyone!


Yuletide Cheer!

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Saturnalia, Kwanzaa, and any others I missed!

Due to the nature of how hot and sexy a daddy bear Santa is however, most of the pictures will be Christmas-themed in nature this post!


Goin' into the sack.

Santa's bulge.
Stocking stuffers.
A hat on every head >_>
Wrapped up presents!
 Do not open until x-mas.

 Token "real" guy. u_u
 Safe and happy holidays, everybody!


Sainglain's Hot Spring Bod

So we're gonna talk about Ixion Saga DT again! You all remember the beach episode they had featuring this adorable hunk Sainglain, right?

Well I guess the artists of this show just can't resist drawing his muscled bod, because a mere two episodes later (that would make this episode 7) . . .

They do a hot springs episode(!!!)

Geez, a beach episode and a hot spring episode, and they're practically right next to each other? I guess that's the kind of show this is!

Anyway, we first see annoying main character, Kon, frolicking and whatnot.

But all that splashing has got his bathing companion, Sainglain, wet.
Not cool, dude. This is Sainglain's peeved face.
Doesn't Kon know you're not supposed to jump into hotsprings? And no horseplay, either!
He needs a spanking.
And Sainglain's just the man to give him one!

Not paying attention, Kon is easily caught.
(what large hands! *__*)

Held upside down like a little kid, Kon frantically tries to cover his balls.

This is an . . . interesting way to lecture someone on bathing etiquette.

Embarrassment fetishists, you're welcome!

 After carrying him around for a bit, Sainglain throws him in the drink! (aww, no spanking)

(but we do get a beefy ass shot)

Now that a pecking order's been established, they can proceed to bathe in harmony.
How relaxing~

Until . . .
Something, er, apparently develops a mind of it's own.
"Clara" >_>

Best plot twist ever. It's like Ranma 1/2, except of being turned into a chick when exposed to cold water, Kon just wants to screw/be screwed by Sainglain!

Just give in, Kon. The fandom has spoken. From now on you're going to love muscular man pecs, juicy man buttocks, and virile man cocks. And there's nothing you can do about it.

Embarrassed by his throbbing hard-on, Kon hastily retreats!

 He spends the rest of the episode trying to figure out why his boner won't go down. No I'm not kidding. (sad note: it turns out he wasn't actually aroused by seeing Sainglain naked : /)

Let's cheer ourselves up over lost opportunities! Kon later finds Sainglain in some sort of . . . fucked up cafe for cat lovers?

OH MY GOD SO CUTE. (the cat too!)

All right. Sorry Sainglain, I legitimately want to marry you now. Men who love animals always win points with me.
This show loves its baths. A few episodes later (episode 10!) Sainglain takes another one.

This one is really short though and only has these two shots. But it clearly was put in just to remind the audience how sexy Sainglain is.

Goddammit this show is sorta starting to grow on me.