Sainglain's Beach Bod

The show: Ixion Saga DT!

The hunk: this guy! Sainglain, member of the Princess' honor guard and veteran swordsman!

Just another generic fantasy anime with "wacky" humor elements!

The main character Kon is a gamer who got sucked into a video game world. So I'm ASSUMING this show is exactly like Captain N: The Game Master.

Anyway! Episode 5! Starring: Tits!

Translation: the adventuring party is staying at the beach!
Kon is plotting how to get himself some of that beach babe action when in steps . . .

Oh my.

Rather than be totally amazed at his stalwart companion's body, however, Kon has the reaction of . . .

:O :O :O
A lecture on how repulsive he looks!

Yes, that's right! As so many anime have taught us, only bishounen, lolis, or girls with huge racks are allowed to be considered attractive!  Any other body type is unacceptable! And fan who might like those other types anyway must be freaks! YES, THANK YOU ANIME, WE GET IT, YOU CAN STOP THAT NOW.



Anyway, that bullshit rolls off Sainglain like water off a duck's back as he points out . . .

. . . that as a trained fighter, doesn't it make sense he'd have muscles? O_o

Anyway, Sainglain is totally hot and he sure doesn't need approval from Kon to know that.

He then flexes his pec.

And as a final burn, notes that Kon has all the muscle tone of a grasshopper.

Now that all the body shaming is out of the way, let's move on!
With the close-up on Sainglain's ass, you might not have noticed what he's saying here. But let's read that cap again, everyone. Sainglain actually thinks he's out of shape.


 Let's get some . . . towel wiping action.

Ohhhh, yeah.
Kon spends the remainder of the episode, having finished with his bara shaming, moving on to trans shaming. I sort of hate him a lot.

So let's ignore him forever and focus only on the muscle man.
That cute little critter has clearly picked the best perch.
Hahah! No one likes you, Kon!

But the day grows late.
And it is time to sleep.
While snoring adorably. ♥
Ixion Saga DT


  1. >dat ass
    Maybe, I should watch it

  2. Mmm... delicious! :) and that explains the fanart I've seen on pixiv recently lol

  3. Gotta love fanservice. I know I do. X3

  4. hes pretty hot! guess ill watch this lol


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  7. You are a true comedian.
    The pictures are great to begin with,
    but the commentary helps put everything in perspective.
    I think I hate Kon too !

  8. So much sexiness~ ~o3o~

    But this Kon really should shoot himself in the face. Repeatedly.

  9. I don't know why you took that comment Kon made about Sanglain being gross seriously considering it's in character with him.

    The show constantly shows that he is a very angsty sexually deprived straight teenager. Really, he keeps talking about how much he doesn't want to die because he's still a virgin.

    The show is very much filled with male fanservice not to mention every other kind of fanservice. Heck you rarely see transexual fanservice anywhere.

    Besides the anime's ending is nothing but shots of the bad guy's group shirtless, sweaty and in sexual poses.

  10. I saw the first episode with my step-brother and his best friend, and when we met the nurse they were convinced that the character was a woman, even though I told them that the character was a man, or at least voice by a man. So I told them that the character was a FTM transgendered character. But because of the nurse the best friend doesn't like the series. I however thought it was good.