All Hallows' Eve

Get yourself ready for the biggest Halloween post yet!

We've got all the trimmings. Jack o' lanterns, candy, spooky stories, costumes . . .

Even some tricks 'n treats.

Sadly, up where I am we just went through a HURRICANE and are still currently in a State Of Emergency, meaning no unnecessary travel, meaning that Halloween has effectively been cancelled!

This . . . this blog post is the only way I have left to celebrate. ;_;


Let's start with some classic 'pumpking covering the dick' stuff.

Fun for all your friends!

Also . . . dick through the pumpkin? Not sure if I've heard of that one. :0

Er, well you should at least be holding a pumpkin,

Sitting on one is also acceptable.

They're pretty comfy.

Also good . . . cock warmers?


Pumpkins should be involved somehow.

COSTUME TIP! Tiny thongs make great outfits to go trick or treating in,.

The more they bulge, the better.

Trust me, you'll get LOTS of candy.

Oh, pumpkins can also make great headgear.

Sorta a Headless Horseman kinda thing.

Or maybe Deneb's pumpkin soldiers from Ogre Battle . . . ?

Well, er, they're a good costume!

Let's have some more good costume ideas.
 Remember, the more skin you expose the better scores the judges will give you!

Good, good!

Very scary.
Mummies are always a popular choice.

Just . . . make sure you have enough bandages!

And of course, if you just didn't have time to prepare a costume this year, there's always the old standby.

Total nudity.

Well, now you know all about Halloween!

Have fun trick or treating out there!
And always weigh your options carefully when choosing between treats or tricks. :3


  1. Stay safe : (

    There's always next year ^,..,^

  2. That's why i live on the west