Troupe Member #11

So you all remember this big guy, right?

Eh? No, you don't?

Uvogin? From Hunter x Hunter?

Still no?

Let's refresh that memory.

Uvogin is the token evil bara guy from Hunter x Hunter! I already did a buncha posts on him four years ago(?!!) but now we got a new, high def remake series to cap ALL OVER AGAIN.

So, uh, let's show some caps then!

Until further mention, this is Uvogin fighting!
Biker shorts. >_>
Blew his own clothes off with his attack~♥
Spider tattoo! That means he's a bad guy! A member of the irascible Phantom Troupe. u_u

The face of a man who enjoys what he does!

A freaky porcupine power.
How annoying.

I freakin' love this show.

Crotch shot.
Slobber slobber drool drool.
After skipping ahead a bit, Uvogin's won!

Oh, here comes Shalnark!

A fellow Phantom Trouper. u_u

Cute face. *_*

Just then--!

No one ever suspects surprise chain bondage.

With a lurch, Uvogin is lurched with excessive force up into the air . . . !

To be kidnapped via car.

All trussed up in them chains.
Uvogin ain't going nowhere.
(sorry these caps are dark)

Y'see, even while held prisoner, Uvogin is so sure of his group and his own power that he's not worried at all. Why should he be afraid of these little pipsqueaks who've happened to catch him?
At least until . . .

The chains suddenly tighten!
Squeezing against and painfully constricting his rippling muscles.

No normal chain should be able to do that against his iron-hard body. Little does Uvogin know that the chain-use, Kurapica, has developed this nen specifically to subdue Phantom Troupe members. Just being a member of that evil band makes Uvogin extremely vulnerable to it.

Which means . . . he's in some real trouble here!


Chains are boring, so they strapped Uvo down on a table instead.
Let us admire his shirtless torso from every angle, shall we?
He's regained his smarminess, it seems. Kurapica's looking PISSED.
 Anyway, a WHILE later . . .

The paralysis and sleep drugs he was under have been neutralized.
Allowing Uvogin to . . .
That thick veiny neck. *_*

Uvogin's back, baby!
And he hates doorways that are too small for him.

When he finds that his captors immediately fled on hearing his REALLY LOUD SCREAMING, Uvogin gets even more pissed!

He ain't gonna rest 'til he pays back that chain-user!
Gosh but I love Uvogin. ♥


  1. I feel like you would make an excellent reader for audio books.

  2. God that whole group is just full of psychos.. but he's hot so its ok. :P

  3. damn, evil definitely knows how to be sexy

    hard to believe hes evil with that last pic too. I will cheer him on even though hes evil! either way i know the fate of all the bad guys in animes anyway so no need to feel too guilty u_u

    i have to wonder, specially with all the crotch shots, if the creators of this show were aiming for that kind of fan base( bara i mean) because i love them for that if so

  4. Just gotta love Uvo, he's sexy, he's beastly, and most of all HE'S MANLY!

    I have a conflict with HxH though. They play your heartstrings not only with Kurapica, but also with the Phantom's. Gon and Killua meet'em, these bad evil people, and true to form the creator shows a human side to the villains, and you fall in love with them, despite the fact that you're supposed to not like them for the MAAAAAAJORLY messed up things they do.