Uvogin (final)

Thanks for bearing with me, folks. Last post on Uvogin, heh. Returning to your regularly scheduled program of randomness after this. ;]

Uvogin leaps from building to building, drawing closer to his prey . . .

Takes a short pit-stop to do a little interrogation of his own . . . in some dude's shower.

Wet matted chest-hair. *__*

At last, he catches up to Kurapica. Get ready for the battle of the century, folks!

. . . actually, don't. Because after this scene Uvogin puts a shirt on, and I suddenly lost interest in screencapping. If you want to find out what happens next, watch the show yourself!


  1. "Final", huh?

    I was expecting to see some pages from the manga or pages from the Ubogin x Leorio doujin you have in your blog's title banner.

  2. I considered doing some manga scans actually (and I still might post some later) but, meh, they're basically the same as the anime except in black and white.

    The header's image is taken from the official manga, not the sexy sexy doujin. If you'd like to find that doujin though, just check out Stupid Git's scanlations (linked in my sidebar).

  3. Where is it? I don't see it