Uvogin (5)

Uvogin wakes up to find himself . . . still in bondage!

And also at Kurapica's group's secret hideout.

Here they subject the big brute to a brutal . . . er, pansy, interrogation! (because, SPOILER, everyone except Kurapica sucks)

Well, at least we get plenty of views of Uvogin's big body from different angles.

Upskirt shot!

Guys, guys, guys. Didn't they teach you anything in interrogation school? The first thing you should do with any hot, buff prisoner is immediately strip them naked!

Later that night . . .

Uvogin is rescued by fellow members of the Phantom Troupe (who cleverly snuck in disguised)

The first thing he does with his freedom? Emit a gutteral scream of rage! Revenge time!

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