Some Grunge

As regular readers of Shirtless Superheroes know, I have a serious thing for this character from Gen13. He's basically shaped my wet dreams since I hit puberty.

Those skin-tight pants.

His tattoos and armbands!

A lover of junk food (really any food in general).

He's like the epitome of the hot slacker/fratboy, except with super powers. Big, beefy, dumb, and a slave to his libido (which is unfortunately straight, but that probably says more about me than it does him).

Also owner of the most perfect bubble ass ever.

The perfect body-type for me is short, stocky, and muscled. THIS IS ALL GRUNGE'S FAULT.

He's into martial arts too, which is pretty groovy.

Look at that sexy smirk. Oh, Grunge, you'll always be my #1 comic book crush.

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  1. & what could be wrong or bad with Grunge ??? Which default (real) you could find out ?
    I also love Shirtless Superheroes... Some of them could be perfect boy friends !