Got a Thing for Bald Dudes

Ikkaku, from Bleach, is hot.


  1. Wow ! Very nice ! Thanx for the bald dudes... it's my case ! Utsukushii !!! Ikkaku o suki desu ! Domo arigato !!!

  2. Uh . . . *translating from little Japanese he knows*

    It's awesome . . . You love Ikkaku . . . and thanks? xD;;

    You're welcome!

  3. So you can understand Japanese... So good ! I had started to learn this language years ago... but life being some times unexpected... After breaking with my lovely japanese friend... Only some souvenirs of this great language remained ! How come you understand this language ?

  4. The only reason I know any at all is because I watch too much anime and Japanese television. ;]

    I've always wanted to learn more though. Maybe we should both take some classes in it. That way I could scanlate so many bara doujinshis without needing a translator . . . heh.