An Improvement, Methinks

Alright, so we all remember this scene, right?

Well, my fellow Ryu lover, Sidious, had the bright idea of commissioning some art from another good friend of mine, Dongsaeng (who draws some of the hottest men ever, and his prices are beyond reasonable. Go commission him!)

The premise? The same scene as before . . . except this time, lose the underwear! I guess Ryu went commando that day for his buddy-sparring.

Heheh, "oops". >3

Thanks to Sid and Dong for letting me post the image here!

1 comment:

  1. I pretty love the surprise on his face... It brings my mind in some memory of a guy a few years ago...
    Fortunately here, it's not about a fundoshi... Have you ever tried to undo some ??? ... Me yes...