Yet More Grunge

Yes, that's right. After an almost two week break from the guy, here are some more scans of my favorite Grunge moments!

First up, here's two pages of him (and teammate Burnout) lounging around in their underwear.
But really, given how revealing his costume we regularly see him in anyway is though . . . (case in point)
. . . is seeing him in boxers really that big a deal?

Well, how about in a diaper/loin cloth?

And then are the times when he's just giving out full-on strip shows . . .


  1. Wow, they actually drew in pit hair. Artists almost never do that.

  2. Also, still haven't answered just how much porn you have in that hard drive. Even with the incentive of a Kiba pic I don't get to know?

  3. Yeah the amount of hair on Grunge's body tends to differ with which artist is drawing him at the time ;]. In general though, he starts the series out with plenty of it on his arms, legs, and even pits, but then slowly loses it as the series goes on. Maybe he gets wax jobs inbetween adventures?

    As for how much porn I have, I really don't know! But thanks for pursuing the subject, Kafm! xP

  4. He's so much hotter with short hair.

    When he's flying through that vortex or whatever, the artist was so clearly into drawing his spandexed rump.

  5. XP
    Well, here's your presents.


  6. Jay, Grunge is one of the few men I actually like with both long OR short hair. He's so sexy, he transcends my fashion preference, lol

    Kafm--!! Is that real JinKS art, or a 'shop? Sourceeee!

  7. Haha, knew you'd like it. They're photoshops though. I got them off of 4chan and was just like, "OMG, HOT!"

    I have the original of those two, but figured you'd like the Kiba versions better.

  8. Just thought I'd add: JinKS has done Naruto art before, but only Naruto. No Kiba. DX