Elf Ambushed

Not Enough Bath Water? No Problem!

As demonstrated in one of the Blue Seed omakes. ;]

Heroes Beefcake

Okay, so I've been forced into watching Heroes against my will (no spoilers in the comments please! I'm only up to episode seven), and have been rather enjoying it. This scene from episode five was special though, in that gave me a funny feeling in my pants.

Spoilers for the episode, obviously.

It starts with Nathan abducted from his hotel room by two strangers. He's only wearing some pajama bottoms, and it's the first time we see him in anything less than a full suit, so the view is rather niiice.

The way he struggles manfully in their grip is pretty hot, too. Angry flexing turns me on.


All hope seems lost for our hero (antihero?), until he zooms off into the wild blue yonder . . . !

Later, he lands outside a diner.

Rugged + Dirty = Profit!

And skidding on loose grit probably really hurt his feet.

He walks into the bar (which apparently doesn't have a "no shoes, no shirt, no service" rule) and has to face the embarrassment of everybody starting at his delicious body.

"All right, I get it. A guy in his pajamas. Ha ha. Now we can all stare and have a good laugh, or one of you can lend me your cell phone."

(I choose the stare option, myself)


The Stash Turns Literary

Completely random, but I remember this passage from Le Morte d'Arthur used to give me such a boner as a kid . . .

So they mounted on their horses, armed at all sights, and rode into a forest, and so into a deep plain. And the weather was hot about noon, and Sir Launcelot had great desire to sleep. Then Sir Lionel espied a great apple-tree that stood by a hedge, and he said: "Brother, yonder is a fair shadow--there may we rest us and our horses." "It is well said," replied Sir Launcelot. So they there alighted, and Sir Launcelot laid him down, and his helm under his head, and soon was asleep passing fast. And Sir Lionel waked while he slept. And presently there came three knights riding as fast as ever they might ride, and there followed them but one knight. And Sir Lionel thought he never saw so great a knight before. So within a while this great knight overtook one of those knights, and smote him so that he fell to the earth. Then he rode to the second knight and smote him, and so he did to the third knight. Then he alighted down and bound all the three knights fast with their own bridles. When Sir Lionel saw him do thus, he thought to assay him, and made him ready silently, not to awake Sir Launcelot, and rode after the strong knight, and bade him turn. And the other smote Sir Lionel so hard that horse and man fell to the earth; and then he alighted down and bound Sir Lionel, and threw him across his own horse; and so he served them all four, and rode with them away to his own castle. And when he came there he put them in a deep prison, in which were many more knights in great distress.


Fundoshi Dudes

These ceremonial thongs raised some interest last time, so here' a bunch more for you!