I know this is gonna come as a great shock to most of my readers, but . . .

Contrary to the lifestyle espoused on the Stash, most men are actually . . .

. . . straight!

And, being straight, they get turned on by . . . women!
What's a woman, you ask?

Well, perhaps I'll tell you when you're older. u_u


Despite being in the company of females, the dudes in this post are still 100% lustable.

Perhaps more so? If you're into the whole forbidden fruit angle?

 Totally 100% straight.


By the way . . .

Did y'all know I've been posting in my tumblr a lot more, recently? Like, verging on once or twice a day! Mostly just reposting anime/game screencaps. But it's fun to do when I want to revisit a past subject, or when I'm bored and don't feel like making a whole post!

Perhaps you might like to follow me or whatever you cool cats do~ Reblogging? I'm pretty sure these are tumblr things.

Superhero Sundayyyy

Let's do a Marvel superhero post!

Yes, let's.

Spanky spanky~

Marvel superheroes. u_u