Fire Fighters

Today's post? Dedicated to hunky firemen.

Because there is ALMOST NOTHING BETTER than a hunky fireman.

Firemen innuendos, firemen innuendos . . . somethin' about sliding down poles . . . ? *mumble mumble*

They can pump my . . . hose . . . any day?

Also, how to tell if you're a true schediophiliac (attracted to cartoon/anime characters)? If the whole post you were going "ew, real guys" but then got a boner at this last image. u_u



This post is for seriously giant men!

And I don't just mean in the cock department.

I mean . . . all over!









The Last Unicorn

So I make NO SECRET that The Last Unicorn is my favorite movie (also, book?) and I don't CARE if that's girly or whatever because that movie is AWESOME. So wistful and sad in that Peter S. Beagley sort of way, with that feeling of magic I only remember from a lonely childhood. I love the whole thing, even Liir's atrocious American accent and those cheesy songs they make Mia Farrow sing.

So of course I just had to pick up The Last Unicorn graphic novel when it came out, to bask in some more nostalgia know what I'm sayin'? And imagine my surprise when I open it up to find . . .

Whaaa? Last Unicorn BEEFCAKE?

Yeah, apparently there was a precedent of unicorns turned into humans before Amalthea? And it was a hot dude? I didn't remember this part from the novel (though I'm sure it's in there--I'm just forgetful)

Yeah, a little pretty for this blog and the flowing tresses are maybe a little much. But I like his cute little beard thing~


Isao Kondo

Align CenterIn other news, I started watching Gintama for real today (instead of just selected episodes with nude scenes >_>)

I can already tell that Kondo will be my favorite.


Warning: the follow post may be controversial as it contains discussion of underage characters. If this may bother you, do us and yourself a favor and simply do not read.

So y!Gallery recently decided to remove all toddlercon (erotic art involving young kids--like, REALLY young--like toddlers) from their hosting based on a poll. After repeatedly assuring us the Terms of Service would not change based on the poll.

My personal stance is that artists should be allowed to draw whatever the hell they want. But thanks anyway y!Gallery! Because it's okay to dump on a minority as long as they're not popular, eh, eh? (remember when they tried doing this to furries for a while? Hahahah, ohh, good times)

What the hell is this? Muscle shota? Are they teenagers or is it just kinda chibi-styled? How old are these guys exactly? HOW CAN YOU TELL?

But anyway, I got pretty miffed over the whole thing because, woo? Needless censorship? Yeah, I know. Getting upset over y!Gallery drama. Some people just don't learn from their mistakes.

But in retaliation I totally wanted to do a babyporn post. But . . . I don't actually have any babyporn. Instead, here's a bunch of pics I've always held off on posting because there was even an underage character present (even when the the art was totally innocent and/or the erotic focus of the piece is on the bara man) (yeah, I do get paranoid about posting some things but really? C'mon now)

And besides, they're cute!

If anyone knows what show this is from please tell me.

Kids are cute.



Align CenterSoupGoblin is watching you masturbate

Okay, so when I started this blog up I told myself I'd never do this, but I've received enough random requests over the years to make myself go, "eh, why not."

So here is your fugly lovely blogmaster in his natural environment.

Please no creepy-ass comments, and if I ever see these posted anywhere else this post is SO GETTING TAKEN DOWN. Luckily I'm posting it on a Sunday when no one uses the internet anyway.

Older picture, blurrier picture. Yes, I am a skinny unshaven geek in real life. /no one is surprised

I have to remember to do an early post tomorrow to bump this off the main page, too . . . x0

Oh, and just so everyone knows, this is my co-blogger Nimue. Why is she co-blogger? Because she likes to cuddle up to me while I make posts! Maybe she's a fan of bara as well . . .

(because it's not a proper blog unless there's pictures of the owner's cat)